Taylor Swift Just Upstaged the Eclipse With a Super Cryptic Instagram Post

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ICYMI, the Internet was basically in panic mode last week when it discovered that Taylor Swift had deleted literally every Instagram and Tweet she's ever posted and replacing her entire website with a black screen - and today, she confirmed that something big (hopefully new music?) is definitely on its way.

As Us Weekly reports, T-Swift made her return to social media today (and meanwhile, upstaged all that social media buzz about the solar eclipse), with a super cryptic video that doesn't tell us much other than the fact that SOMETHING IS HAPPENING.

The video, which is only 10 seconds long, features a slithering snake and cool, creepy flickering light effects. Could it be a clap-back at haters referring to Swift as a snake following all that drama with Kim and Kanye? Maybe.


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The lack of explanation or any kind of caption whatsoever is leading fans to believe that this can only mean one thing: Taylor is teasing new music. Not to mention that all the mysterious activity on her social media channels and website comes exactly three years after she announced her last album, 1989 - in other words, we're way overdue for some new anthems like "Shake It Off."

Stay tuned, but in the meantime, this is basically an accurate picture of Taylor Swift right now:

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