Selena Gomez Can Say Two Sentences About The Weeknd & Make Me Squeal

Any time Selena Gomez or The Weeknd refers to their relationship, I squeal. They're definitely not gushers so it's usually rare that they talk about each other, but I love it nonetheless. According to Cosmopolitan, Selena made the cutest remark about her BF in a recent video and it proves just how happy she is in her relationship.

Selena mentioned The Weeknd in a recent Q&A when a fan asked about her trip to Toronto. After saying that one of her good friends is from Toronto, the singer gave a shout-out to The Weeknd (he's Canadian, in case you didn't know). Mumbling under her breath, Sel quickly added, "And my boyfriend's from there. He's really cute." 

Though I'm dying to hear more details about Selena and The Weeknd, I'm happy with this. Tbh, I'm excited for any mention of their relationship, even if it's just a sentence or two!

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