Miley Cyrus' Reaction to Liam Hemsworth Posting This Photo of Her Is Relatable AF

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are serious couple goals. From their adorable double dates with their dogs to Liam taking photos for Miley’s latest song “Malibu," I love these lovebirds because of how relatable they are (except for the fact that they're, you know, huge celebs). 

They even face the age-old struggle of getting that perfect Instagram pic (sound familiar?). My day was made a lot more magical when Liam blessed us with a new picture of him and Miley.  


My little angel and I.

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But instead of responding like most mushy girls would—something along the lines of "aww" or "how cute"—Miley replied, "Why. This. Picture lol." Looks like Liam forgot to get Miley’s permission first! We've all teased our SO or BFF over ~that~ one gross picture of us they posted anyway, but it's usually something to do with taco Tuesday and tequila, not a derpy photo of us chillin' on the couch. 

Luckily, Miley apparently approved after all because Liam didn't delete it and Miley even reposted it. I'm guessing there are no hard feelings. 



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Commenters couldn't get enough of the pair's cute social media antics. One user commented, "Lol! Oh @liamhemsworth - based [email protected], you clearly broke the cardinal social media rule and didn't get permission first." Another said, "Cant stop smilling at Miley's comment. ^_~ ♥♥♥ I can relate. Haha." One user said, "Should be 'My little angel and me,'" but we all know grammar has no role in the world of romance.

While it’s definitely not as adorable as their iconic The Last Song picture…

Or their picture at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in 2012…

…I still find it adorable! Like Miley sings in "Malibu," I hope Liam and Miley will “stay the same and nothing will change.” They’ll never go out of style!

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