Lea Michele Wrote a New Song About Cory Monteith, & It Will Definitely Give You the Feels

It’s time to start the countdown to the release of Lea Michele’s new album Places. Dropping on April 28, Refinery29 reports the album will include a new song about Cory Monteith. Entitled “Hey You,” the song is expected to be much different than its 2014 sister track “If You Say So.”

Before you break out the tissues and ice cream, there’s an important fact you should know: “Hey You” will have a completely different tone. It’s been four years since her boyfriend’s passing, and Michele channeled that time into this new song.  

In an interview with PrideSource, Lea discussed the meaning behind the track. “It wasn't about loss, it wasn't about sadness. It was really about joy and love. I love it so much, and I really feel it represents who I am and everything that I've been through in my life.”

While writing Places, Michele also drew inspiration from an art book Stevie Nicks gifted her after Monteith's death. Inside the cover, Nicks inscribed a beautiful note that read, “The only thing that matters is you, and who you are.”  

Taking the advice to heart, Lea built the album around herself. Her goal was to be as open as possible, even if that meant writing about difficult topics. She told PrideSource, “[Cory’s death] is sort of a sensitive subject for me that’s hard to talk about, and I didn’t want anything on the record that I couldn’t talk about.”

We're glad she found the strength to include this new song about Cory, and we can't wait to hear it. Get ready to have all the feels.  

Emily Schmidt is a sophomore at Stanford University, studying English and Spanish. Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, she quickly fell in love with the Californian sunshine and warm winter temperatures. Emily writes a hodgepodge of pieces from satiric articles for The Stanford Daily to free-verse poetry to historical fiction. Just like her writing repertoire, her collection of hobbies are widely scattered from speed-crocheting to Irish dancing to practicing calligraphy. When she is not writing or reading, Emily can also be found jamming out to Phil Collins or watching her favorite film, 'Belle.'

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