Kris Jenner's Latest Instagram May Have Just Confirmed Those Kylie & Khloe Pregnancy Rumours

It's been almost two months since rumors started circulating that Kim probably isn't the only Kardashian Jenner sister that's pregnant — while they haven't confirmed (or denied!) anything, chances are good that Kylie and Khloe are pregnant as well. So far, both sisters have kept this super hush-hush, keeping us guessing about whether the rumors are true or not — but Kris Jenner may have just subtlety confirmed that she's expecting more than one grandchild in the very near future.

 The momager posted a photo to Instagram on Tuesday that many fans think is all but confirming Khloe and Kylie's pregnancy rumors. The post features nine adorable pairs of Christmas morning PJs for each of her grandchildren. Except, hold up — because Kris currently only has six grandchildren: Mason, Penelope, Reign, North, Saint and Dream. She has seven if you count Kim and Kanye's baby on the way. 

The photo leaves us asking the v important question: who exactly, are the other two sets of pajamas for? The momager is definitely up to something here.

Considering Kylie reportedly held a low-key baby shower the same weekend as Kim's and Khloe has been spotted out sporting a tiny baby bump, the signs are definitely there. Now can someone just give us some answers PLEASE?

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