Justin Timberlake is Bringing Sexy Back...Again!

The best way to revitalize your stardom is to take a long enough break that when you release a video saying "You're ready," your fans will be breathlessly waiting your next move. It's brilliant! Justin Timberlake of 'N Sync fame is baaack! According to several news reports, Timberlake hasn't released any albums since 2006. Of course not! He's been focusing on playing in movies like In Time and Friends With Benefits. He's also been busy getting married...to Jessica Biel. 

Now that the nuptials are over, Timberlake is ready to entice and excite his fans. Huffington Post reported that Timberlake first posted a "cryptic tweet" on January 10, 2013. The tweet suggested that something big was going to happen but didn't say what it would be. Then, as NBC Entertainment and Huffington Post both report, Timberlake released a video explaining that he's "ready" to perform music again.

According to Huffington Post, Timberlake's readiness could refer to a closer relationship with MySpace, as he owns some stock in the company. If you recall, MySpace used to be the social network of choice but is now home to musicians and artists who use the site to showcase their work. 

And if there are any doubts about the seriousness of Timberlake's readiness, another Justin quickly dispelled them. According to MTV, Justin Bieber tweeted that he's "heard some stuff" and thinks that Timberlake has "a good reason to be ready." If Bieber is endorsing him, Timberlake should  be ready. Not only does Timberlake have his own fans to please, he will have to please Bieber's throng of fans as well. Get on it!

Roxanna Coldiron is a recent graduate of Hiram College with a B.A in Communication and is a current master's student at The New School in NYC. She likes to be busy, so she often works several jobs at once and takes an overload of interesting classes. Time management is her specialty! Her goal in life is to tell stories through a variety of media platforms. Follow her on Twitter @roxanna_media!

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