A Judge Has Dismissed Radio DJ David Mueller's Case Against Taylor Swift

A Denver judge has thrown out radio DJ David Mueller's case against Taylor Swift, which accused the singer of setting out to get Mueller fired from his job after he allegedly groped her, ruling that she "did not act improperly."

According to Refinery29, U.S. District Judge William Martinez determined that Mueller hadn't shown that Swift had set out to have him fired or ruin his reputation over what Mueller called false claims of sexual assault. He was suing Swift for $3 million after she claimed that he groped her during a meet-and-greet and photo op back in 2013. In response, Taylor has countersued, hoping to serve, "as an example to other women who may resist publicly reliving similar outrageous and humiliating acts."

Unfortunately for Taylor, the legal battle over the incident isn't quite over yet. Identical charges against Swift's mother and radio manager will go to a jury on Monday, and Swift's case against Mueller for a symbolic $1 for sexual battery will still be heard sometime next week.

"I couldn't be more proud to represent somebody like Taylor Swift who's willing to step up in a situation like this," Swift's attorney Douglas Baldridge said following the decision on Friday, Cosmopolitan reports.

While there is still more to come, the tossing of Mueller's case is a step in the right direction for Swift to take a stand for the rights of all women who have been victims of sexual assault.

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