It's About Time: Pants Are Legal for Women in Paris

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Globetrotting fashionistas, it’s time to rejoice!

After 214 long years, the French government has decided to revoke the très old-school law that made it illegal for Parisian women to wear pants. Although obviously unenforced, since 1799 women were legally banned from wearing any kind of menswear in Paris (does that mean no boyfriend blazers? Gasp!).

So where did this outrageous law stem from, then? Well, during the French Revolution women rebels would don long trousers in opposition to the wealthier class’ knee-length culottes.  Seeing as this was a faux pas and a complete and utter “no, no” the law was set in place to keep the renegades in check.  From then on, women had to get government-obtained permission to wear any form of menswear.  (But if you ask us, trying to restrict the famously fashion-forward city is the true crime here.)

Thankfully though, last Thursday, this seemingly ridiculous law was revoked and declared “null and void.”  It’s time to say goodbye to fashion thwarting legislation, and hello to skinnes, boyfriend jeans, harem pants, and everything in between.  

Welcome to 2013, France. 


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