Every 'Pretty Little Liars' Ship Had a Major Moment in This Week's Episode

With the police closing in on the Pretty Little Liars for their involvement in Archer Dunhill’s death, you would think romance would be the last thing on their minds. But boy, would you be wrong.

Convinced they were headed to jail, the Liars made the most of their freedom by giving us some of the steamiest ship moments in the show’s history.

Hanna and Caleb got engaged in last week’s episode and even had a mock wedding ceremony in a tent. But Caleb nudged Hanna to make it official when he brought her to a justice of the peace. With Ashley in tow, the couple finally said “I do.”

But where was Hanna’s squad? Well, if you thought the other Liars would be Hanna’s bridesmaids, think again. Because her besties were a little too busy getting busy to attend the ceremony.

Aria decided to spill her guts to Ezra, not only about the police report A.D. had been holding over her (the one she wrote about Ezra after finding out about his book but never filed), but also about every nasty thing she’s done lately. Before she could admit all her misdeeds, though, Aria, afraid that Ezra would leave once he knew the truth, kissed him passionately, and it only got more intense from there.

Meanwhile, Alison took Emily out to the kissing rock, where she’d set up a romantic picnic, blankets and candles. And they made the most of their last chance at freedom, if you know what I mean.

And guess what? Toby’s back in town! He was supposedly called back by Tanner on police business or something, but we all know he really returned to get it on with Spencer. And that’s exactly what he did. Toby invited Spencer to the cabin he’d been staying in, and when she showed up there, they reminisced about the last kiss they shared and how nice it was. Spence essentially jumped his bones, and I was loving it but also thinking the whole time, “Wait, is that Twincer?”

There are only two episodes of PLL left. It seems like this episode locked in all the show’s major ships, but you never know what could happen. It is Pretty Little Liars, after all.

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