Emma Watson Gave Out Advice for $2 in Grand Central Station Yesterday, & We're All Confused

Yep, you read that correctly! Emma Watson, the actress we all love, is apparently full of life advice and wisdom—no surprise there. For only $2 a pop, she offered advice via iPad in NYC's Grand Central Station yesterday, much to the confusion and intrigue of those passing by. 


Just Emma Watson giving life advice in grand central station

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Writer Derek Blasberg stood in the station with a strap around his neck that held up a table and stand with an iPad, camera and sign reading "Advice From Emma Watson $2." (Very Lucy van Pelt-esque.) 

The reason Emma was giving out advice and why it was being filmed, along with where the money will go, is unknown. Refinery29 speculates that the stunt is connected to Watson's upcoming movie The Circle, which deals with the "dark side" of the digital age.

One thing we do know for sure is that we wish we had been strolling through Grand Central Station yesterday. Although it was only $2, life advice from Emma Watson is priceless. 

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