Drake Reunited The Whole 'Degrassi' Squad For His 'I'm Upset' Video & It's So Meta

Drake contains multitudes. Right now, most of us know him as the rapper, fashion designer, businessman, and all around entertainer—but to a certain population, he’ll always be Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi.

Drake (credited on the show as Aubrey Graham, his full name) knows how many people loved the show, so he stays in touch with his roots. In the video for his new song “I’m Upset,” he brought together nearly the entire cast of Degrassi for a reunion of epic proportions.

The video begins with Drake waking up next to a woman and realizing he has his high school reunion to get to, so he joins up with Shane Kippel (who played Jimmy’s best friend Spinner). The two roll out to Degrassi Community High for some pretty luxe-looking partying full of debauchery, but also high school thrills like driving tricycles through the hallway and someone sitting on the copy machine.

Specifically Degrassi highlights of the video include Ephraim Ellis in character as Rick (who shot Jimmy, putting him in his iconic wheelchair) being intimidated by some of Drake’s posse, as well as Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes (appearing as Jay and Silent Bob, who I didn’t even know were part of Degrassi!) selling weed to the principal. Other former cast members making appearances included Nina Dobrev, Lauren Collins, Jake Epstein, Miriam McDonald, and Cassie Steele.

“I’m Upset” is Drake’s first true single released after his infamous beef with Pusha T. This video is a good way to bring some positive energy Drake’s way and reunite him with some old friends, which is a treat for us too.

Check out the video here:


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