The Cast of Laguna Beach: Where Are They Now?

Every week, MTV assured us that the people, places and drama were real. But once the cameras stopped rolling, Laguna Beach fans were left to wonder what happened to their favorite cast members. Did Christina ever become a famous singer? Did Kristin shed her bad girl ways? What actually happened in Cabo? Though we may never know the answer to that last question, let’s go back (back to the beginning) so we can remember our favorite Laguna Beach characters and find out where they are now.

Kristin Cavallari

The former drama queen of Orange County finally turned over a new leaf. In addition to her stint on The Hills-- where she set her sights on Lauren Conrad’s ex, Brody Jenner—Cavallari tried her hand at acting. Though her guest appearances on The Middle and CSI: NY weren’t Emmy-worthy, the reality star kept herself in the limelight. Now, Cavallari is putting her career on hold for her family: she and fiancé Jay Cutler recently welcomed their son Camden.

Stephen Colletti

Is it just us, or did you also wish you were Stephen Colletti’s girlfriend? If his boyish charm wasn’t enough to win you over, his surfer lingo was oddly lovable. As expected, the Laguna Beach hunk had his share of A-List romances once he graduated high school: he dated Hayden Panettiere for some time. Like many of his other co-stars, Colletti tried to make it as an actor.  Not only did he have a reoccurring role on One Tree Hill, he was also the star of the holiday film All About Christmas Eve. We know what you’re thinking: that’s a must-watch this coming holiday season.

Lauren Conrad

When Laguna Beach first aired, everyone wanted to be Lauren Conrad (a.k.a LC). Who wasn’t jealous of her queen bee status, ambiguous relationship with Stephen and awesome infinity pool? Old habits die hard, because Conrad still lives a enviable life. As we all know, cute boys, luxe soirees and dramas followed Conrad from Laguna Beach to Los Angeles. But what happened after Conrad left The Hills? With a must-visit lifestyle website, seven books, three clothing lines and a slew of endorsement deals, Conrad is undeniably the most successful out of her high school friends. If her blossoming career doesn’t make you jealous, just take a look at her Instagram—you’ll be wishing you had her creative eye and impeccable use of filters.

Talan Torriero

Though Torriero always seemed like Orange County’s token “good guy,” his life took a dramatic turn once the cameras stopped rolling. Not only did he party with Paris Hilton and record a song called “Somewhere Dead in Hollywood,” he got a DUI in 2012. According to TMZ, the former reality star was faced with three years probation, 390 dollars in fines and three months in a first offender alcohol program. Yikes!


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