Bekah M. From 'The Bachelor' Is a Missing Person According to The California Attorney General's Office In a Hilarious Mix-Up

The North Coast Journal, a California-based newspaper, posted a collage of pictures of people reported missing on Thursday, captioned "See anyone you recognize?"

Facebook users soon realized one of the pictures was of season 22 Bachelor contestant Bekah M. According to the California Attorney General's website, Bekah (full name: Rebekah Martinez) was last seen on November 12 and is now missing.

Except, she's not. In addition to appearing on recent episodes of The Bachelor, Bekah has maintained a presence on both Twitter and Instagram.

According to the Journal, it was Bekah's mom that originally reported her missing on November 18 after not hearing from her since November 12. 

Bekah responded to the madness that ensued as a result in a humorous tweet.

She then followed up with a joke about her license photo, which is what was published on the Attorney General's website.

Well, that's that.

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