Ashton Kutcher Shut Down This Tabloid's Rumor That He's Cheating on Mila Kunis in the Best Way Possible

It's a widely-accepted fact that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are basically the cutest celebrity couple of all time - so nobody was buying it when the tabloid Star reported that Ashton was cheating on his wife and former That '70s Show costar. 

Obviously, Ashton himself especially wasn't here for it when the tabloid printed a story picturing him hanging out with a "stunning brunette" - and he clapped back at the totally untrue rumor in the best way possible.

"You should have heard how upset Mila was that I spent the day with our cousin," he tweeted along with a photo of the story. "Sorry Aunt Jodie, these magazines lack integrity."

SHUT. DOWN. It does, indeed, turn out that Ashton's "mystery girl" was actually just his cousin Jodie. This isn't the first time he's had to address false cheating rumors either, and he's clearly fed up.

"Character comes when those magazines tear you apart for something you may or may not have done and you gotta go out and perform tomorrow - with everyone looking at you like you might be an adulterer," he said while accepting the Robert D. Ray Pillar of Character Award back in April.

Lesson learned: don't believe everything you read. Oh, and Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are still the absolute cutest couple in Hollywood. The end.

Caroline is the Evening/Weekend Editor and Style Editor at Her Campus, a senior public relations major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a leather jacket enthusiast.  You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @c_pirozzolo. 

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