6 Reasons We're Excited for Suits to Return

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Your favorite legal drama is back on air this month! Yay! It only took forever. We've missed Harvey's snide comments, Mike's witty comebacks, Donna's sass, and even Louis's dorky recordings on his dictaphone. This addictive series is the perfect combination of sexy, smart, and hilarious (like, Emma Stone status). Here are just a few reasons we can't wait for the Season 3 premiere!

1. The final scene in the file room. OMG, they did what? Does this mean Mike and Rachel are going to get back together, or this just another lapse in judgment on her part (since he's screwed her over so many times)?

To be fair, Mike originally ended things because he wanted to honor the honesty in their relationship. But there is no excuse for when he hooked up with Tess (ugh, nobody liked her!).

Despite his bad decisions, we hope Mike can “get his act together,” as Harvey would say, and focus on Rachel. We know he truly cares about her, so we want this relationship to work! Plus, they’re adorable together.

2. The law firm’s shaky standing. Hardman’s out of the equation...

...but Jessica needs to do damage control within her team, especially after her heated argument with Harvey about the company merger.

Though Jessica had the final say, we don’t see Harvey backing down after one loss.

The war has just begun, and with opponents from inside and out, Season 3 will certainly have some casualties.

3. The unaddressed tension in Donna and Harvey’s relationship. *Please* let this be the season Harvey gets some sense knocked into him and dates Donna! She has enough wit and sass to keep up with him...

...and she always has his back.

But with Scottie reinstated as a partner (she originally lost her job by leaking documents to Harvey), will Donna have some competition?

We hope not!

4. Louis Litt, in general. Easily the most hated (or most loved) character, Louis is always snooping around for office drama. Though he rocks a merciless work ethic,

...Louis also acts on his occasional kind-hearted intentions, like when he lied to Rachel to protect her feelings when she was rejected from Harvard. His unpredictable personality and nosy nature makes him an important variable in determining the fate of, well, everything.

Also, we’re fans of his catchphrase. Maybe it will become the new thing (like how “fetch” happened, kinda).

5. Mike’s secret. Against Harvey’s advice, Mike finally told Rachel he didn’t go to Harvard (then proceeded to damage some files with her in the back room). Will Rachel keep her mouth shut or use this information against him when alliances shift, as they constantly do in this show?

His bold revelation could also backfire when news gets back to Harvey, who has bent over backwards multiple times covering for him.

6. Harvey and Mike’s father-son relationship. As much as Harvey tries to keep a hard appearance, there’s no denying that he has a soft spot for his apprentice.

The two make a powerful team in the courtroom, but Mike’s personal life and moral conflicts with his job often complicate their cases (and Harvey’s life). Will Harvey reach a breaking point and decide Mike is not worth losing his career? Or will Mike be the first to sever ties and walk away from the life he’s sacrificed everything for?


With the season premiere just two weeks away (July 16th, 10/9C on USA), we are stoked to see what legal and romantic dilemmas will plague this dynamic cast. Tell us what you're most excited for in the comments below!

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