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Hey collegiettes! Ever dream of getting lost in a mystical, magical world? Then check out “The Lost Prince” by Julie Kagawa – the newest in the Iron Fey book series! 

Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey book series includes other titles such as “The Iron Knight” and “Summer’s Crossing." Popular among the young adult audience, the Iron Fey series tells the tale of Meghan Chase, a half-human and half-faery creature who fights to claim her magical birthright. Her journey begins when her brother Ethan is kidnapped and she encounters unpredictable dangers and powers, and a forbidden love, in her journeys to save him.

“The Lost Prince,” in particular, focuses on the adventures that Ethan experiences in his life. His one rule is “Don’t look at them. Never let them know you can see them,” referring to the fey he tries to avoid. In this novel, Ethan attempts to protect his reputation, his family, and the girl he never though he’d fall for, from the world of faery he has always feared. Throughout his journey, Ethan encounters his destiny and a danger that he has long forgotten.

“The Lost Prince” is the latest novel in Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey series. Kagawa creates an incredible mystical word for her readers to escape to within this series. Be sure to also check out Kagawa’s “The Call of the Forgotten” trilogy and the second book of her Blood of Eden series, “The Eternity Cure,” coming in 2013!

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Enter now for the chance to win the Iron Fey prize pack, which includes a VISA gift card, custom necklace, and all books in the series!

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