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HC's Ultimate Stuffed Stocking ($300+ Value)!

Congratulations to our winner! Be sure to check the Deals & Steals homepage to see if you have won!

If you're a fan of HC, you know that we give away some pretty awesome stuff. From Chipotle gift cards to Alex and Ani bangles, we've got a little something for everyone. This holiday season, though, we've got a lot of everything -- and it's all for YOU!


We've got our holiday elves at work stuffing all of the best of the best into one giant holiday stocking - from POP Beauty products to free Pinkberry, you're going to get a ton of fun, free stuff when you win our Ultimate Stuffed Stocking. One lucky collegiette will be celebrating the holidays in style - and it could be you!


Here's a list of all the amazing things we're gifting away for the holidays!  Worth over $300!!!!

·      Alex and Ani bangles (3), an $84 value

·      Hairtrition shampoo and conditioner, valued at $20

·      POP Beauty lip gloss, bronzer and blush palette, false eyelashes, a $52 value

·      PIXI Beauty powder, eye shadow palette, lip blush, lip balm, primer, nail polish, a $107 value

·      Softlips chapstick, valued at $1 per chapstick

·      Secret Clinical Strength deodorant, a $12 value

·      Scunci clip, bobby pins, hair ties, head bands, a $12 value

·      Chipotle free burrito card (2), a $16 value

·      Pinkberry buy-one-get-one free coupon (2), a $10 value


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