Enter to Win a Satechi Portable Energy Station!

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Congratulations to our two winners!  Be sure to check the Deals & Steals homepage to see if you have won!

After the first few days of winter break, we all know what it's like to crave the college scene again.  Her Campus wants all of your electronics to be fully charged with Satechi's Portable Energy Station so that you can connect with all of your friends back at school.  Or you can charge up your energy station right before a snowstorm, that way you can juice your phone even when the power is out!  You'll be able to snap some Instagrams of your snowman with a fully charged phone!

This portable charging device features a 1 amp and 2 amp USB port to quickly and efficiently charge any two devices simultaneously.  It is lightweight (5.93oz) and compact (5.5” long) design for easy transportability! And the rechargeable lithium ion battery ensures devices are fully juiced at all times!  Finally, it includes USB charging cord and 6 connectors compatible with most smartphones and tablets.
Take this opportunity to fill out the form below to enter to win your very own charging station!  Be sure to check the Deals & Steals homepage on Monday, December 10th to see if you have won! 
Find them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Satechi
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