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Even though you're working hard to get along with your supervisor and stand out as a memorable intern, internships can be really tough—especially when you're not the best intern in the office. Another intern outshining you can really put a damper on your experience. But you can make your internship better not by competing with your co-intern, but by learning from her! Intern Queen Lauren Berger and Anne Brown, founder of career advice website Grad To Great, weigh in on six simple lessons you can learn from an awesome fellow intern. 1. They are enthusiastic about busywork. Face it:...
Name: Lily BrynesAge: 23Job Title and Description: Founder & CEO of SPOTSCollege/Major: The George Washington University School of Business/Sport, Event and Hospitality ManagementWebsite: Twitter Handle: @spotsnyc  What does your current job entail? Is there such a thing as a typical day? Lily Brynes: There is definitely no such thing as a typical day! My current job entails a little bit everything: client relations, sales, business development, marketing and managing. There are constant obstacles that arise when starting a new business, and a large portion of my job is...
Landing your dream internship is only the first step to becoming a dream intern, so hopefully you’ve gotten the hang of it by now. But whether you figured out that problematic coffee machine from day one and you’ve been kicking butt all summer, or you’ve finally found your comfort zone and only recently begun to shine, the end of your internship is an especially important time to keep up your momentum and finish strong. Here’s how to leave a lasting impression on your supervisors and make the most of your internship before it ends.