Windsor Gets A Christmas Tree from Dash!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year, hands down. I love the music, the candles, the glitter, the red bows, the cookies, and the shopping. I also really, really love Christmas trees. At home we always get a huge 12' tree and spend a full day setting it up and decorating the entire house. We always listen to the Muppets Christmas Album (which is genius by the way - see below).

Anyways, now that I live in an apartment (as opposed to a dorm), I feel like I should decorate here in Boston as well as at home.

I was really stressed out about the prospect of finding a Christmas tree, lugging it back on the bus or the T (the Boston subway - I don't have a car), somehow finding a saw (to saw off the end of the trunk), locating a tree stand, and getting it all into my apartment. When I heard that Dash (a company that delivers food from your favorite restaurants straight to your dorm/apartment) was delivering Christmas trees, I was sold.

I ordered a 6' Frasier Fir, a tree stand, and a wreath for my door.

They said that they'd
be at my door at 4:30pm yesterday. I've ordered things from other companies before (food, groceries, etc...) and the delivery guys were NEVER on time so I was fully expecting Dash to be late. Needless to say, I was shocked when the delivery guys from Dash were knocking on my door, tree in hand, at 4:29!

They brought in the tree and set it up for me. They were really nice and professional! Overall I was really impressed. My apartment smells awesome and looks so Christmasy! I will defintely use Dash again!

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