10 Highest-Paying Jobs Right Out of College

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6. Quality Engineer $65,000 annually

Is the Job for Me?
Quality engineers work to ensure those same products you buy in the department store will work once you set them up at home. They collect and analyze data to ensure that quality control standards are being maintained. And look out, girls—many companies manufacture goods in multiple locations, which could mean some national, or even international, traveling for you as you inspect various factories to ensure regulations are being followed.

Who Would I Work For?
Lockheed Martin, Microsoft Corporation, Deloitte

How Can I Get There?
BS in engineering or other science discipline. Interns may take part in product failure analysis, product audits and product inspection.

5. Network Engineer $68,500 annually

Is the Job for Me?
Do you have well-rounded knowledge of computer systems as a whole? Network engineers manage both the hardware and software found in computer systems, ensuring network computers meet users’ needs. Unlike some other engineering jobs, this position gets you out of the office and interacting with computer networks in different settings. After spending your college years pulling all-nighters in front of the computer screen, this constant change in scenery will be very appreciated.

Who Would I Work For?
Bloomberg, Hulu, Vivisimo

How Can I Get There?
BS in information technology or other computer-related degree. Internships involve data summary and analysis, maintaining application, server and network infrastructure, and documenting procedures and workflow.

4. Business Analyst $69,500 annually

Is the Job for Me?
Business analysts help companies fully harness their resources while maximizing profits and increasing productivity by creating new company business plans. They identify issues that need to be addressed within a company in order to create improvement.

Who Would I Work For?
UnitedHealth Group, Sovereign Bank, American Management Services, Capgemini

How Can I Get There?
BS in Computer Science or a related field. Experience in IT is vital, and internships may involve financial analysis.

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