How To Make Your Internship Sound The Best On Your Resume

Your daily commutes, brown bag lunches and early mornings will soon be a thing of the past. Right after you send your supervisor a thank-you note and bid your internship ado, remember to add your experience to your resume. Since you just spent a whole summer working hard, you’ll want to make sure your internship stands out. Open up that Word document because Her Campus has the tips you’ll need for maximizing your internship experience on your resume, straight from the career counselors.
Make a list
Before you make any changes to your resume, type or jot down a list of everything you did while you were at your internship. Ideally you kept track during your internship, but if you didn’t, do it now while your experience is fresh in your mind. If you don’t get around to adding your internship until September, at least you won’t be racking your brain trying to think of everything you did.
Begin a new entry
Since your internship is likely the most recent position you’ve held, make sure it appears at the top of all your other experience. There are two parts to each entry: the job or internship information and a bulleted list of key accomplishments and duties. Your internship information should take up one line and your bulleted list can be anywhere from 1- 4 lines depending on how much room you need. Here’s an example of what your finished entry could look like:
Assistant City Editor, The Daily Tar Heel, Chapel Hill, N.C.(Jan. 2009 – May 2009)

  • Edited staff articles using AP style, developed story ideas and emailed assignments to writers
  • Wrote stories, police logs, and event calendar on a daily deadline, and covered breaking news

Part I. The Position and Company Information
Add your title
You should have your title, company, city and state and then the dates worked all on one line. Start with your title first. Were you an intern, an editorial assistant, a sales associate or something else?
Next put the company details
After your title, put the company, city and abbreviated state of where you worked. In general, list your position first unless you want to call attention to the name of the prominent companies where you worked, according to Quint Careers. (For example, “if you plan to enter the tourism industry, and you’ve had internships at Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios, you could list company names first,” explains an article from Quint Careers.)
Don’t explain the company or organization
Writing “XYZ Company, an environmental non-profit” in your entry takes up valuable space on your resume. You are better off explaining XYZ Company during a job or internship interview, according to Duke University’s Career Center. For example, I studied abroad in London and interned at Itchy City Media, a company not many American employers know. I get questions on job interviews about it and this gives me a chance to explain about the company and my experience.
Finish with the dates
On the same line as your title and company details, add the dates you worked. Decide whether to write “Summer 2010” or “May 2010 – August 2010” based on your personal preference and consistency with the rest of your resume.
Use clear formatting
Double-check what you just wrote to make sure it looks the same as the rest of your resume. Your resume should have consistent formatting and style. You should be making use of bold, caps and italics but don’t use too many enhancements, according to Duke University’s Career Center. If the rest of your job or internship entries take up three lines each, make sure your new internship entry doesn’t take up six lines.

Jessica Stringer is a senior journalism major at UNC-Chapel Hill. She is originally from Woodbridge, VA. At UNC, she is the editorial director for Rival Magazine, a joint publication between UNC and Duke. She has previously written for the Daily Tar Heel, interned at DC Magazine and CNBC, and is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Jessica fell in love with London during her semester abroad and dreams of moving across the pond. Some of her favorite things include coconut cupcakes, Carolina basketball, old Hollywood movies, and her Havanese puppy Max.

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