We ~Might~ Be Getting 4 New Emojis With More Diverse Hairstyles & I Can't Contain My Excitement

Calling all curly haired queens, silver foxes, bald babes, and my redheaded sisters! The emoji gods have finally heard our cries for representation! According to Mashable, the Unicode Technical Committee (those all-powerful emoji gods I was just ranting about) have added options for silver hair, bald, redheaded, and curly haired people as potential contenders for their next release in mid-2018. Here's what they might look like:

The Unicode panel has been taking people's wishes for emojis to be more inclusive pretty seriously—last November they added breastfeeding and hijab emojis to the list of possible candidates. I mean, while this proposal is still in its early stages, I'm already over the moon with excitement! As a redheaded chick, I've always thought it would be so awesome to have an emoji that looked like me. Now, for my rainbow-haired friends, sorry, you might just have to wait a little while longer!

2018, I can't wait for you! It was about time

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Claire Biggerstaff is a junior at Davidson College where she's pursuing a major in English with a minor in French. She's unabashedly obsessed with everything to do with fashion and beauty and aspires to be a #instafamous makeup artist one day. (You can follow her on IG @coppermakeup if you’d like to make that dream a reality). When she’s not experimenting with the latest and greatest trends, you can find her watching The X-Files and sipping hot chocolate.

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