Lush Cosmetics Is Releasing FIVE New Face Masks & We're Ready For This Jelly

Beauty is getting a little more exciting with all the new face masks that are hitting shelves. We've seen everything from the traditional Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask to the more luxurious Miss Spa 24K Gold Créme Mask. Now, Lush Cosmetics is gifting us with jelly face masks (and jelly bath bombs, too)! We’re so ready for this jelly.

These easy-to-apply jelly face masks are going to take your next at-home spa night to a new level. To apply, you just scoop a little of the jelly, rub on dry hands, apply to your face and rinse after ten minutes. The masks come in five formulas: Just to Clarify, Bunny Moon, Birth of Venus, FOMO and 1,000 Millihelens, which are named after the successful businesswomen of the company. Each formula has a different healing aspect from rejuvenating to reducing redness to soothing sensitive skin, which means there's a mask for all your skincare needs.

The face masks will be available for purchase September 1 at for $13.95. Until then, follow Lush cosmetics on Instagram.

Lola George is a junior at the University of North Texas, majoring in print journalism with a minor in kinesiology. Lola is also an AFAA certified personal trainer and spin instructor. Upon her graduation, she aspires to be a full-time magazine editor for lifestyle, wellness and beauty. Like Audrey Hepburn, Lola believes in pink. She also believes that sweating is sexy, fitness should be fashionable, and muscles and makeup go hand-in-hand. Lola loves to sweat, shop, take selfies, and exfoliate.

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