Kylie Cosmetics Announced Autumn Lip Colors & One of Them Is Literally Butternut Squash Yellow

It feels like the Kardashian-Jenner clan has been in a headline every day recently, whether it be for babies, breakups or business moves. While we're v excited about the supposed three new baby additions to the family, nothing compares to the feel of hearing a new lip kit announcement. 

Kylie recently made her debut as a beauty vlogger with bestie Jordyn Woods, and announced in a video that she will be adding five new colors to the fall collection of the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits. Below is a snippet of Kylie's first beauty vlog from her Instagram page, but you can watch the full video here.

Shortly after her vlogger debut, Kylie Cosmetics released this Instagram post showcasing the five new hues: Libra, Autumn, Butternut (which according to Kylie, "is literally the color of Butternut Squash."), Hazel and Wicked, the last being a stunning royal purple.


5 Fall Mattes 10.6.17

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These Fall collection is expected to drop October 6. Until then, follow Kylie Cosmetics on Instagram.

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