This Instagram Account Is Basically the New Dr. Pimple Popper, & It's Amazingly Gross

For some wild reason, the internet loves watching pimples and blackheads get squeezed and popped. As someone who faints at even the slightest sight of a pimple, blood, piercing or literally anything to do with the body, this trend is not for me.

Lo and behold, there’s a new trend taking the place of Dr. Pimple Popper, and even though it might be slightly better, i.e. no blood, I still can’t stomach it. But maybe you can! Presenting everyone's favorite new Instagram account, @tweezist.

This anonymous user tweezes her own legs hairs and hairs from a friend’s beard. There are about 150 of these videos where the extremely zoomed-in camera catches the tweezer pulling all sorts of ingrown hairs.

Maybe it’s satisfying, and maybe it's your new obsession...but me? I’m out!

Marisa Pieper is a student at Arizona State University studying Fashion and Communication. She loves to discuss the latest style and beauty trends, is always excited to see what everyone is digging at the moment and loves to talk politics (miss you Barack and Michelle).

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