How to Take Care of Your Tattoo in the Sun

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Even though the sun is marvelous, it can really hurt us, especially our skin. Our tattoos are no exception to the rule: they need to be protected from the sun too!

It really isn't difficult to take care of your tattoos in the sun. Your tattoo artist should have told you how to take care of it, but sometimes we all need a little reminding.

Use sunscreen!

Lather it on! “Just as too much sun exposure leads to premature wrinkling, not protecting your tattoo from the sun will make it fade quickly,” explained one licensed dermatologist HC consulted with. UV rays damage your skin and drain your tattoo’s life.

If your tattoo regularly sees the light of day, use a body lotion with SPF in it, such as Kiehl’s: Crème de Corps Light-Weight Body Lotion with SPF 30 or DeVita’s Solar Body Moisturizer with SPF 30 so that you're always protected. Arm and leg tattoos are great examples of places that usually see the sun. If yours does not, such as a small back or side tattoo, any sunscreen with at least SPF 30 will keep your tattoos looking bright and brilliant for decades to come.

But, if you just got your tattoo, a different set of rules apply to you.

Keep it covered!

Seriously though. “The skin where the tattoo is can blister and get infected if you allow too much sun to come into direct contact with it. Most people recommend keeping the tattoo hidden for about 4 weeks, but I say 6 weeks, especially if you decide to get it in the summer,” Marshall, a tattoo artist, explained to HC.

“I see lots of young people coming in to get their tattoos done for the summer, but I always tell them to wait for winter because it is easier to take care of it in the winter where you don't need to worry as much about keeping it dry and out of the sun.”

When your tattoo is done healing, feel free to show the world, as long as you have your sunscreen on!

You can find sunscreens at your local drug store, even including sunscreens that were catered for the tattoo’d person, such as Coppertone’s Tattoo GUARD Continuous Spray

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