This Girl Applied a Full Face of Makeup... On a Motorcycle

If you've ever attempted to do your makeup in the car, then you probably have experienced something like this at least once in your lifetime:

Unfortunately, I tend to overestimate my multitasking abilities, and have ended up with a mascara wand in the eye more times than I care to admit from this scenario (I don't recommend it). But that certainly didn't stop Anne Custodio, a Phillipines-based beauty daredevil (apparently), from doing her makeup while sitting on top of a motorcycle sidecar... while it was moving!! 

This certainly sounds impressive, but also dangerous AF. So this is definitely one of those tricks that you probably shouldn't try at home. But Custodio filmed the entire (six-minute!!) process, and shared the video with the world, which has now gone viral (rightfully so).

What's most impressive about this feat is that she did a full face of makeup as well as her hair! I can't even be bothered to do my hair on a normal day in my bathroom, let alone doing it atop a motor vehicle. Anne Custodio has certainly earned mad respect from me.

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