The Fenty Beauty Community Had the Best Response to a Girl Who Was Told Her Lips Are "Too Big" for Red Lipstick

Fenty Beauty is more than just a cosmetic brand by Rihanna––it's a community of sisters coming together to empower! Take Grace Boye for example, a beautiful 20-year-old from sunny California who received negative comments that her lips were “too big" to wear red lipstick. Um, do these haters even know how fast I would sell my soul to get lips like hers? 

Boye was dying to try Fenty Beauty's Stunna Lip Paint, a bold red that's made to complement most skin tones. She commented on Fenty's IG saying, “I want to try this out soo bad. I’ve been told red doesn't suit me…my lips are too big…:(" Naturally, Fenty Beauty and co. were quick to respond with encouragement. 


The #FENTYBEAUTY sisterhood is real!! We ya’ll. (Comments on a recent #stunna post on @fentybeauty).

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Boye told Buzzfeed she has received hate from her peers time and time again about having big lips. Thankfully, she's received a ton of positive encouragement on social media after replies flooded in promoting self-love. Fenty Beauty even posted the comment thread on their Instagram with the caption, “The #FentyBeauty sisterhood is real!!” Good Girl Riri has made it clear once again that this red is for EVERYONE. 



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