The Best (And Worst) Beauty Looks at the Grammys

We love tuning into the Grammys to see our favorite musical artists perform and take home some new shiny awards, but let's face it - we love to check out what they looked like too! Our favorite show stoppers certainly do have some flair and the Grammys are a great place to check out what's hot (or crazy) in both the beauty and fashion worlds. Check out the most jaw-dropping beauty looks from this year's Grammy Awards show. 


Best Waves: Rihanna

Her full and healthful and long lashes truly stood out at this year’s awards. We loved her choice of longing healthy waves versus a more conservative up-do. Congrats Rih- you looked great!

Best Lips: Alexa Chung


We think that Chung made a perfect decision when she stuck with a classic red shade. It perfectly complemented her porcelain skin, dark mane, and striking blue eyes. Her decision to stick to a  natural look with more  muted eye and cheek makeup made this look one to be envied.


Best Slicked Back Look: Beyonce

The Queen B certainly showed up to this year’s awards dressed (and styled) to impress….as usual. She looked stunning with a slicked back look that revealed a very ladylike look. Her overall beauty look, which included over-sized stud earrings, red lips, and charcoal black rimmed eyes, mocked the glamorous red carpet styles of old Hollywood.

Best Updo: Adele

Doesn't she always just have the best updos? When she rolled into this year's awards show with her token mod look her updo still seemed new. Her hair holds in plce to create a perfectcombed back and teased look. Dear Adele- we want to know who does your hair!

Best New Comer: Allison Williams

We couldn't not give the pretty new star of Girls a shoutout. She looked effortlessly GREAT. We loved her shiny waves with perfectly curled ends, not to mention her shadow eye which perfectly complimented her blue eyes. We can't wait to see more of Williams on the red carpet.


Worst: Jennifer Lopez

Still Jenny from the block? More like Jenny from Mars.

Worst: Carly Rae Jepsen

When we said no blue eye shadow....we meant no blue eye shadow. 

Worst: Taylor Swift

Tay! We are seriously dissapointed. We thought you were 22...not 12.

Worst: Florence Welch

...yikes. I wouldn't want to be around if she didn't get an award...

Worst: Kerli

Watch out Lady Gaga!

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