This App Is Making Crazy Sound Wave Tattoos That You Can Actually Listen To

A new app is making sound wave tattoos that you can actually hear. It's a thing, I swear. 

Instead of finding a meaningful image to get on your body, you can get a tat of sound waves that say something special, like your baby's first words or your dog's bark or your SO saying "I love you." 

You upload an audio clip and the app translates the audio into an image of a sound wave. Then you get that image tattooed on your body. When you scan the app over your tattoo, it reads aloud what the sound wave says. Basically it's like a secret code tattoo, but looks totally trendy since you're getting inked in the shape of sound waves.


The app, called Skin Motion, is seriously creative for thinking of this technology that reads back important memories and moments in your life. Though I'm not sure I'd trust a tattoo artist to get the sound wave exactly correct—what if I ended up with the wrong message?—Skin Motion remedies that with specially trained tattoo artists who can do these sound wave tats with accuracy.

Personally, I'd rather have the song lyrics tattooed on my body to avoid the hassle of scanning myself like a barcode, but this is an amazing alternative if you want something a little more meta and personal. 

How would you feel listening to your own tattoo? 

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