4 Valentine's Day Hair Styles

Looking for a new hair style this V-day? Whether you've got short hair or Repunzel tresses, we've got you covered! (Well, Pinterest helped us out!) Valentine's Day hair is all about soft, romantic waves and feminine accents. 

Short and Sweet


With a small curling iron, curl your waves toward the back of your head. Add sparkly hair pins at various spots to accent the style. Mist lightly with flexible hold hair spray.


Boho Braid

Source: squidoo.com via Heather on Pinterest



Hooray for picture guides! Separate your hair into two sections, and braid each side French-style. Combine the braids at the nape of your nek with a hair band. Wrap some of your hair around the elastic to hide it. Tease the bottom of the ponytail. Viola! Romance awaits!

Flower Power


If you like to keep it simple, strewing flowers in your hair is the way to go. Channel your inner Juliet and pin a few flowers or floral hair accessories around your crown and by your ears. 


The Quick Twist



Twist one side of your hair and pin it to the back of your head. Repeat on the other side, but tuck it into the other twist. Pin and done! 



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