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Stephanie Welling

More by Stephanie Welling

Looking Back at Winter Break


Missing the relaxation of Winter Break? Reminisce with these photos from Head Photographer Stephanie Welling!


Halloween 2013 at Chatham: A Collection of Photography


Head Photographer Stephanie Welling curated a collection of her favorite photos celebrating Halloween at Chatham!

UK Travels: A Collection of Photography


Need a vacation? Head Photographer Stephanie Welling took a summer trip to the UK, and she's sharing her snapshots with you!

Summer Memories: A Collection of Photography


With fall about one week away, reminisce about the summer with this collection curated by Head Photographer Stephanie Welling.

Photo Collection: Spring at Chatham


Katie Walters: A Reflection


Over Spring Break, the Chatham community tragically lost a beloved sister.  Katie Marie Walters was a student, a reader, a writer, a daughter, an older sister, and, to the rest of Chatham, a friend.  For me, she was the first friend I made at orientation in the fall of 2011.  I had just moved across the country to be here and amidst the hectic orientation schedule and trying to remember the names of so many new people, there was this girl whose name just stuck with me.  This bright young thing, this passionate girl with a million ideas and never enough time to say them, she befriended me without a second thought.  Me, the quietly terrified girl who was an entire country away from everyone she had ever known and who appreciated this kindness more than anything.  Katie was incredibly passionate about everything in her life, from a seemingly mundane homework assignment to her aspiration to join Teach for America so she could change the world one student at a time, and it was this raw passion that defined her relationship with the Chatham community.  She was the kind of person who could make you feel young again and like you had the whole world in front of you and it could be yours only if you were brave enough.  She was the kind of person whose eyes would light up when she talked about what she wanted to do with her life and all you could really do was sit back and watch. 

Spring Break Photo Collection


Photographers Stephanie Welling and Rosemary Davies share their favorite Spring Break photos.

Photo Collection: Global Mixer and R.I.S.E. Valentines for Veterans


Winter Break


As we plow into a new semester, happy holiday memories sustain us through the long nights and crazy days. Head Photographer Stephanie Welling curated this collection of stunning snapshots from Winter Break.

Chatham Celebrates the End of Fall


As autumn comes to a close, Head Photographer Stephanie Welling shares some of her favorite snapshots from the season.