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Sora Hwang

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20 Dogs In Halloween Costumes


Thinking of creative costumes every year for an entire Halloween weekend is hard enough, but some pet owners manage to impress us with their original costumes for their lovable best friends as well. We all know how hard it is to stand out in a sea of costumes. It takes time and preparation. If you’ve ever managed to whip up an original costume the day before Halloween, we praise you.

Somehow, these dog owners found the time to extend their creativity and use it to not necessarily help them be remembered, but to help their dogs be remembered. These pups managed to catch our attention in everything from adorable superhero outfits to utterly confused identities.

Now this is one race all collegiettes should want to watch: Doggy Phelps vs. Michael Phelps.

This dog just can’t wait to be king!

It’s coloring time in puppy Kindergarten with a canvas and 64 Crayola set.

The Catholic school uniform is clichéd and completely overdone, but on this shih-tzu, it’s too cute to resist!

The 4 Best Halloween Costume Sites


Between studying for that tricky sociology exam and running for student government, collegiettes have almost no free time to shop for Halloween costumes. Don’t worry—we understand that. That’s why we’ve provided a list of the best Halloween costume sites for you to peruse to get inspired for your killer costume (or costumes!) this year.


Coming in at number one on Top 10 Costumes Sites’ list, received A+s across the board for products, prices and shipping. This site can act as your retail Party City at home, but cheaper. It is the largest costume shop on the Internet with literally more than 10,000 costumes for you to choose from. We’re special fans of the animal suits and the superheroes. Not only are its costume prices reasonable at 10-30 percent off of retail value, but its shipping prices are also just as sensible. If you spend $75—which you and your roommates could easily do—you get free shipping. Before placing an order, make sure to check up on store specials to save some money!


The 10 Most Dangerous Colleges in the Country & What It’s Like To Go There



Safety is a prime concern for both pre-collegiettes and their families, as it should be. Going off to a school away from home is scary enough. Thinking about what can happen without the protection and familiarity of your hometown simply adds to the fear.

Business Insider recently published its list of the most dangerous colleges in America based on FBI crime data submitted by colleges across the country. We decided to break down the top ten most dangerous schools on the list. Note that the FBI crime data includes crimes both on campus and in the surrounding area.

1.     University of California – Los Angeles in Los Angeles, CA

According to the FBI's findings, crime declined in 2011, but UCLA still managed to top the list. It reported 49 violent crimes – murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault - per year and 921 property crimes per year for the 38,000-student population. Crimes at and surrounding UCLA include 12 rapes, 11 robberies, 195 burglaries and 18 motor vehicles per year.

“I don’t ever feel unsafe on campus,” said John Li, a freshman at UCLA. “The campus is next to many wealthy neighborhoods and I feel like crimes rarely occur.”

The university responded to the list by issuing a statement saying that safety is, indeed, top priority. UCLA’s police officers report both on and off campus, which helps students feel safe, said the statement. Li said the school provides an escort service, van service and texting system to help students.

6 Clubs To Start On Campus (& How!)



Not as involved on campus as you would like to be? Got a spare night for another club meeting, but you can’t seem to find an organization or club that interests you? No matter how many clubs your school has, each one of them had to start from scratch. Although it may sound intimidating at first, you can easily start your own club if nothing captures your interest just yet. Here are 5 different ideas for you to take charge of.

She’s the First

As a nonprofit, She’s the First sponsors and supports the education of girls in developing countries. The goal is to help these girls be the first in their families to graduate, says She’s the First’s mission statement. If you want to get involved, you can start your own campus chapter by recruiting a Dream Team to play an integral role in planning a fundraiser per semester and spreading the word about She’s the First on campus.

Find out more here.

Colleges Against Cancer

Colleges Against Cancer is the collegiate branch of the American Cancer Society, known for bringing Relay for Life to college campuses. The overnight event includes a survivors’ lap, luminaria ceremony and a Fight Back ceremony. To join the fight against cancer, bring Relay for Life to your campus and host fundraisers for cancer research and awareness by starting your own chapter of Colleges Against Cancer.

7 Festive Dorm Rooms Decorated for the Holidays


The holidays are an excuse for collegiettes and collegents to go absolutely crazy with decorations and Christmas lights. We know how much hard work, time and dedication goes into making a drab, college dorm as festive as possible, so we wanted to show off some of the best dorm rooms we've seen. Here are seven amazing collegiettes' and collegents' festive dorms to celebrate the holidays!


Taylor, Jenny, Nicole - Chatham University

Catherine - Rutgers University


Lorelei - University of Idaho


Amy, Sandy and Nhi - Chatham University

PMS Help: Live Life UNinterrupted!®


Do you hate how your life seems to come to a halt every month when you get your period? We do, too! That's why when we found out about Girl UNinterrupted ®, we couldn't wait to share it with every collegiette we knew!

Girl UNinterrupted ® is all about making sure you can still make it to your chapter meeting on time, go on a first date without worry, and still squeeze into those skinnies without despair. The ALL-NATURAL PMS supplement helps a collegiette focus on the 100s of things going on in her life, rather than the interruptions, like cramps and bloating, during that time of the month.

Do Something with Pantry Prep

11/29/2012 is making sure college students nationwide can actually do something, no matter where they are, to give back to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

“Hurricane Sandy affected millions of people and you want to help. The best place to start is your local community,” says about its latest project, Pantry Prep.

Countless college students reached out to to find out how they could help the victims. As a result, Pantry Prep was born as a way for students to give back.

After Hurricane Sandy shook the east coast, food pantries need more help than ever. Pantry Prep encourages college students to run a food drive for local pantries. This will help families in need now while helping prepare for any possible disasters in the future.

As if simply doing good wasn’t enough incentive, is offering a $5,000 scholarship. For every 25 items you collect, you will get one entry for the scholarship. So donate 100 items? You have four chances to win $5,000!

Check out to learn more about Pantry Prep. You can do everything from checking out the top 11 food items requested by food pantries to easily searching for a pantry near you.


14 Worst Holiday Cards


The leftovers are dwindling and it's time to put on those ugly sweaters for your family holiday photos. Before you get in front of the camera, here are 14 tips on what NOT to do for your next holiday card (or just 14 funny photos to send to your friends).

"Gangnam Style" is the Most Watched YouTube Video



While America was still recovering from a massive post-Thanksgiving food coma, Psy, a South Korean rapper, was celebrating a new title over the weekend.

“#GangnamStyle just became the most watched video @Youtube!! #History,” he tweeted on Saturday to announce the news.

He took over the number one spot from his label mate (as of September), Justin Bieber, who previously held the title for his music video for “Baby.” “Gangnam Style” surpassed the 803,732,000 views on “Baby” with around 803,761,000 views.

Ready to be even more impressed? Billboard said it took “Baby” over two years after a February 2010 release to reach that number. The catchy “Gangnam Style” was only posted in July 2012.

This isn’t the first YouTube record Psy has set. “Gangnam Style” is also the most liked video on YouTube, according to Billboard, with 5.3 million likes.

With newfound international stardom, Psy has recently performed alongside Madonna and MC Hammer. This rapper definitely has a lot to celebrate!


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Julia VanDyk, Winner of Zinch Scholarship


Julia VanDyk, 17, is a homeschooled high school senior from Iowa and the winner of the Her Campus Zinch scholarship! She shared her story of overcoming her shyness to become a leader and direct her own musical theater show. Julia is putting together a musical cabaret featuring local children to raise money for charity. Although she isn’t quire sure which charity she will be supporting just yet, she said it will probably be World Renew. 

“It’s far more rewarding to lead something worthwhile!” she shared in her Zinch scholarship entry. We agree with her and got the chance to ask her a few questions over the phone!

HC: What inspired you to become a leader?
Julia: I’ve always been really shy. I admire people who can do things, but I never thought that I could do them myself and then I got involved in theater. In theater, you have to be a lot more outgoing. It doesn’t work if you’re a shy actress and I realized that I actually did have the capacity to not just be shy.

HC: What leadership qualities do you think you’re bringing to directing and putting the whole show together?
Julia: I think planning because there’s a lot of really good leaders who know how to inspire people, but have trouble putting everything together. I think that I’m pretty good at organizing and then getting across what needs to be done.

HC: What’s the best piece of leadership advice you’ve heard that has really resonated with you?
Julia: Probably be loud because even if you have good ideas, if you’re too afraid to see them and just whisper them to yourself, no one will know what you’re saying.