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Shannon Rosenberg

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MUCFD Fashion Show


It was definitely a night to remember for the attendees of the MUCFD Fashion Show last Saturday.  The Miami Club of Fashion and Design took Millet Stadium and transformed a Division 1 basketball court into a stellar runway that could have rivaled those of New York Fashion Week.  

The atmosphere was electric and it was as if the moment you stepped through the stadium doors, you were no longer in Oxford, Ohio.  

Upbeat music pumped through the surround sound speakers, and retro lighting spilled onto the runway and backstage areas.  

The runway seating was sold out and a great deal of viewers had to resort to the stadium seats in order to watch the show.  Each chair that lined the runway was encased in white drapings and VIP seats included a tote gift bag.  It was like being a guest of Ellen Degeneres herself.  

Everyone was dressed to impress, and in high anticipation of the designer display that was to come.  What made this fashion show so unique was that each model was a Miami student, and all outfits and pieces of jewelry that adorned the models were created specifically by Miami students.  

The show lasted around one hour with a ten minute intermission and it definitely left the crowd breathless.  Who knew Miami students were so creative and talented.  Each outfit looked like it was store bought, and every model gorgeous.  

Many designers utilized the most in vogue spring trends such as the bustier top, skater skirt, floral prints, and high waisted bottoms.  Many of the outfits also featured the high-low skirt effect, biker spikes, and strategic cutouts that enhanced the overall appearance of the ensemble.  

Cody Murphy '15


Full name: Cody Murphy

Age: 21

Major: Sports Leadership and Management

Year in School: Sophomore

Hometown: Lake Forest, Illinois

Relationship Status: Taken

Campus Involvement: Miami University RedHawks Div. 1 Hockey Team

Ideal Date: Nice dinner, taking a walk, or some sort of activity

Best Bar Uptown:  Tie between Pachinkos and Three Trees (MIA)

Best qualities in a girl: Honesty, nice teeth, and fun to be around

Favorite Food: Cheeseburger with a milkshake

Most memorable moment at Miami: Winning the championship with the team at home this season. It’s a really special feeling to accomplish.

Favorite part about Miami: The beautiful campus and the people, especially my hockey teammates.

If you were stranded on an island what three things would you have?  Knife, volleyball (Wilson), and rope

Goals for the future: Play professional hockey and have a great family.  Also, winning championships at MIAMI! 

Miami University Spring Break 2013


Spring break is next week!  Between all the midterms, long hours of homework, and all nighters, this break couldn’t come at a better time for us in Oxford.  

Here is our all-encompassing Spring break guide, covering some of the hotspots where Miami University students will be vacationing.


MTV Beach Party Break

This is the typical spring break that everyone watches on MTV, which usually features small bikini bottoms, red solo cups, and free concerts on the beach.  The great thing about these locations is you get to meet people from many different colleges and spend the entire week partying like only college students know how.  The downside is there will be no relaxation and very little sleeping (then again, you can sleep when you’re dead).   

International Perspective

Going out of the country is an amazing and eye opening experience.  Many spring break destinations include Cabo, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Cancun.  Here, you will get to do a little relaxing, a little partying, and a lot of tanning.  The further south you go the warmer it will be, and the warmer, the better.  Try to look for all-inclusive resorts, because those will give you the best prices for food, alcohol, and hotel fees.

Relaxing & Recovering

If you’ve had a rough semester and want to go somewhere to recuperate then you may want to look at different locations than Panama City and Daytona Beach.  Foreign destinations can work depending on the group you go with, or even spending a week at home with your family would be awesome.


HC Miami Guide to Interview Makeup


We all know that interviews can be nerve-wracking, and unfortunately for women, dressing for them is a lot less straightforward than for men. Women’s interview wardrobes depend on the job they are applying for, whereas men’s wardrobes usually consist of a collared shirt, tie, and pre-interview haircut.  However, one thing women can depend upon is that throughout all job opportunities, makeup expectancies typically remain the same! 


For an interview, it is important to be “au naturale.”  While you want to look good, it’s not best to dress up like you would for a night on the town with your lady friends. 

Here are some tips to remember:

Use natural colors: Try to keep to basic natural colors starting with your concealer, so stay away from heavy bronzers and glittery powders.  Great products to check out are Covergirl TRUblend collection and Maybelline Natural Skin Touch Matching. 

It is okay to use mascara and light eyeliner:  Don’t use colored or glittered eyeliners.  Basic shades of black and brown will make your eyes pop without being too flashy.  Maybelline’s Mastre Precise Studio will do just the trick.  Make sure to outline your eyes lightly for a sophisticated look, too much will appear trashy. 

Louisa Lowe '14


Fellas don’t look any further!  This week’s campus cutie is fun, well-rounded, and single for the most romantic day of the year.

Name: Louisa Lowe

Age: 21

Year: Junior

Hometown:  Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Relationship Status: Single!

Hobbies:  Yoga, watching Criminal Minds, shopping, working out, and hanging out with friends

Favorite Extracurricular:  Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority

Ideal Valentine’s Date:  Eating Chipotle and back massages

Favorite Food:  Brie Cheese

Favorite part about Miami:  Living in a house with all of my best friends

Celebrity Crush:  Gerard Butler

Favorite Bar:  Stadium, RIP

Super Bowl Team:  49ers!  (even though they lost)

If you were trapped on an island, what three things would you have?  A tent, bread, and a friend

Tips for a Fun Super Bowl Party



Super Bowl XLVII is almost here!  On February 3, the Baltimore Ravens will be facing off against the San Francisco 49ers on one of the most anticipated days in America.  Super Bowl Sunday only comes once a year; so don’t let it pass you by without great company and a great party!

Super Bowl XLVII Facts to brush up on:

Who:  San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens When: Sunday, February 3.  Kickoff @ 6:30 pm. Halftime Show: Beyoncé Watch: CBS Where: Mercedes- Benz Superdome, New Orleans


Awesome Party Tips

1)    Make sure your venue has a good-sized TV!  No one wants to have a hard time watching the big game- the more in depth quality, the better! 

2)    SNACKS ARE KEY! Everyone loves a Super Bowl party with great food.  Try out:

Chicken Wings (Super Bowl must have) Nachos (cheese, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, chicken) Spinach artichoke dip or Buffalo Chicken Dip ( Quesadilla slices with guacamole and salsa Mini Pigs in a Blanket Endless Chips, Chex Mix, or pretzels Baked Potato Bites

3)    Don’t invite the entire world.  Yes, it creates a large party.  But no one wants to watch the game while trying to keep from falling off the side of a couch.  And remember, when the food runs out, you’re going to have some unhappy partygoers. 

Pei Si Wong ‘16



Meet our latest Campus Cutie: Freshman Pei Si Wong. She’s a talented and involved cutie from Singapore who just so happens to be a single lady in Oxford! Men of Miami- check out our interview with Pei to find out if you are an eligible bachelor for Pei. In our interview with her, Pei also reveals her favorite place to eat uptown, her dream career, her favorite memories at Miami, and more!

Name: Pei Si Wong

Major: Sports Leadership and Management with a Marketing Concentration

Hometown: Singapore

Single or in a relationship: Single

Characteristics you look for in a guy: Honest, knowledgeable, athletic, kind, and funny.

Campus Involvement: Miami University Women's Rugby Football Club, Colleges Against Cancer, Optimist Club

Hobbies: Rugby, singing, hanging out, eating, watching movies, playing the ukulele

Favorite uptown place to eat: Mac N Joes, Chipotle, Sushi Nara- three way tie? 

Favorite part about going to Miami: The fact that the city of Oxford is a college town and all the students are together all the time, not to mention how beautiful it is.

Future career aspirations: Managing a sports team

Celebrity crush: Sonny Bill Williams (Rugby Player). If he doesn't count, then Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Favorite memory at Miami: There are countless memories that I'd consider my favorite. But honestly, the best memories are the ones I probably don't remember all too well. 

HC Miami's Best Hangover Remedies



College is a time to party, experience new things, and live it up before you’re forced to enter the real world. Weekends are heaven to college kids and some nights can get pretty rowdy. However, all that fun you have partying the night before will not be so much fun the next morning. We all now nothing is worse than waking up from an amazing sleep and realizing you’re …. Hungover.  You’re head hurts, your stomach feels queasy, and even though you’re starving, just the sight of food makes you run for the nearest bathroom. Here are Her Campus’ GOLDEN Tips to preventing a hangover and getting rid of one. 

How to Know if a Hook-up Can be More



Let’s face it; college is the easiest place to meet people. Believe it or not, some people say that 50% of students find their future spouse during their college years. However, that doesn’t call for organizing man-hunts every Friday night in frantic search of a husband, but if you decide to, be forewarned that the search is definitely not easy. Anyone who has met their boyfriend or husband in college can elaborate on the messy beginnings, the awkward hook ups, the insecure phase, the jealous games (those are the worst) and the “are we exclusive”/ “what does that mean to you” stage. We are all aware of the games and questions that begin after that first hook up. Her Campus is here to help sort out the post-hookup confusion and provide some red flags as to whether your relationship is a GO, OR NO GO. 

1. Exchanging digits (a guaranteed awkward moment) - Will he call?

Traditionally, it’s the guy’s job to get your number, so a good way to tell if he’s interested is whether or not he asks for your digits. If he asks, he’s definitely interested- he wouldn’t ask if he wasn’t. If he doesn’t ask, there are two ways to analyze the situation: one, he is extremely shy and has a hard time doing bold things when he’s sober, or two, he’s just not that into you (reference intended). To help decode his level of interest, watch for facial expressions to indicate whether he looks nervous when he leaving, or just indifferent.

2. The goodbye - How does he say it?

2012 Homecoming Queen: Rebecca Zemmelman


Meet Miami’s 2012 Homecoming Queen, Rebecca Zemmelman! No one has ever made balancing five different organizations, a sorority, and an on campus job look so easy.

Greek Leadership: President of Alpha Delta Pi

Campus Involvement: Exec member for Amicus Curiae (Miami’s Pre-Law Society), member of CAC (Campuc Activities Council) for 2 years, wrote for the Miami student, initiated member of Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honors Frat), member of college democrats, attends Hillel (organization for Jewish students) and formerly their PR intern.


Past: During Miami’s Inside Washington program this past summer, she interned for Congressman Kucinich. Current: She works at the Rec as an aerobic instructor.

HC: What are your career goals?
RZ: I am currently in the application process for law school. I would love to work with human and civil rights issues, specifically with juveniles and families! ??

HC: How do you manage balancing all of your activities, and which activity do you think gives the most back to you?
RZ: Let's just say... I don't know what I would do without my Lilly planner. My friends have always said that I am slightly over-committed with my involvement on campus, but I wouldn't have it any other way- I thrive on being busy, even if it means I'm "that girl" who is quite literally sprinting around campus from meetings to class to more meetings.