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Sara Neel

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The Rotunda Restoration: What To Expect


The second and final phase of the Rotunda restoration will begin immediately the day after the Class of 2014’s graduation in May. The project is planned to take two years to complete, and includes an eight foot green fence blocking off access to the Rotunda, both porticos, and certain areas surrounding the Rotunda. The bronze Thomas Jefferson statue on the north side of the Rotunda will be blocked off for the first part of the second phase, but will eventually be accessible during the renovations.


The Class of 2015 will not be able to proceed from the Rotunda during their Final Exercises, however the current copper dome should be painted white in time for the 2015 graduation. The renovation aims to be completed by April 2016, just in time for the Class of 2016 Final Exercises. If for whatever reason the construction takes longer than planned, the Class of 2016 will not be able to proceed from the Rotunda for graduation.


Bodo's Introduces Mini Cakes


Bodo's has decided to introduce cakes into their menu, despite it already being one of the most popular restaurants in Charlottesville. It's surprising that the local chain that feeds 6,000 people per day would alter its menu, but Bodo's co-owner Scott Smith states, "We wanted to develop something very small and unique to our market, to satisfy the dessert urge without crowding out the meal." 

Posted on Bodo's Facebook Page:
"We make them from scratch of premium chocolate ingredients (Barry Callebaut, Valrhona, Van Leer) and top them with with a bit of candied orange peel. They're rich, complex and incredibly good. Years in the making. Our very own. We call them Cakes ... and we're sure you'll like them."

Cakes are $1.25 each and currently only at the Preston Ave. location.


Child Pageants: Should they be legal? France Says No


We've all seen it - the terrible and terribly addicting reality TV shows that are continuously infiltrating our televisions. Some in particular that have become a cultural phenomenon are shows such as Toddlers and Tiaras and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Both of these shows tell stories about the craziness of child pageants, from the bratty pre-tween girls to the mothers trying to live vicariously through them.

However, while child pageants may be a cultural phenomenon in the United States, within the past week Parliament has moved to ban child pageants in France for anyone under the age of 16. The bill must now be passed in the National Assembly in November before coming official French law. Pageant organizers may face up to 2 years in jail and a fine of 30,000 euros.

Chantal Jouanno, the lawmaker that wrote the amendment, believes that the children should focus on acquiring knowledge rather than fixating on physical appearance. "I have a hard time seeing how these competitions are in the greater interest of the child," Jouanno states. She aimed the amendment towards protecting girls, explaining that, “When I asked an organizer why there were no mini-boy contests, I heard him respond that boys would not lower themselves like that.”

The amendment bluntly states “Organizing beauty competitions for children under 16 is banned.” It does not specify whether or not the law applies to online photo contests.

Asher McGlothlin '15


Name: Asher McGlothlin

Hometown: Grundy, Virginia

Year: 2nd

Major: Architecture

Activities Around Grounds: Kappa Alpha, Grundy Teen Center Project, playing music

Proudest Moment: Naming a batting cage I built for an Eagle Scout Project after my grandfather 

Celebrity crush: Daniella Sarahyba

Most Embarrassing Moment: One time when I was born I was naked in a room full of people I'd never seen before

If I could be reborn as anyone: Waylon Jennings

Something people don't know about me: I can cook a mean batch of fudge

Who is your biggest inspiration: My mother

One thing I can't live without: My guitar

I feel most attractive in: Flannel's, cause what better way to signify your lumberjack-esque manliness

Favorite Disney princess and why: Belle, don't really know why, I've just always had the hots for her

Deal-breaker/biggest turn off: Girls who are afraid to get dirty

Most played song on iPod: The Conversation - Waylon Jennings and Hank Jr. 

Something you want to do before you die: Hike the Appalachian Trail 

Robert Kell '13


Name: Robert Kell 

Year: 4th Year

Major: Women, Gender, and Sexuality and Government-Political Thought 

Robert Kell, along with Jared Brown and Wo Chan, organized a rally to end hate crimes at UVa due to the recent violent events at our university.

Why do you think hate crimes are so prominent in our community?

I’ve answered this question a million times in the past week, but this is the first time it has been worded so thoughtfully. For that, I am thankful. Typically, I have to add, “are so prominent” to the first line of my answer—otherwise, it is easy to write the recently publicized hate crime off as an isolated incident or something that “never happens in our community.” Hate crimes happen at U.Va. daily. If you think I am blowing this out of proportion, I invite you to come out with me to the Corner one night. 

"It's Thanksgiving": The New "Friday"


A new YouTube video has taken the Internet by storm with over 9 million views. Often compared to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” music video, 12 year old Nicole Westbrook has come out with a new single called “It’s Thanksgiving.” Similarly to Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” the song begins with footage of a calendar before Nicole Westbrook proceeds to sing about how great Thanksgiving is. It’s horrible, but addicting at the same time.

Some highlights from the music video include:

The Music

The song consists of an upbeat tune, followed by lyrics that list off various Thanksgiving foods with some “oh oh ohs” thrown in there for good measure. I mean, nothing says high quality lyrics like listing off the months of various holidays.

“Oh oh oh it’s Thanksgiving. We we we we are gonna have a good time.

With a turkey, eh mash potatoes eh, and we we we are gonna have a good time.”

The Tweens

Don’t get me started on the fact that all of these tweens are wearing way too much makeup for their age group, but they all look freakishly over-excited about the mediocre food that they supposedly cooked themselves. Also, where is the parental supervision?

Nicole Westbrook singing into a turkey leg like it’s a microphone

Definitely one of the most memorable moments of the video.  It might be okay if you’re that crazy uncle at Thanksgiving that’s had a few too many drinks, but under any other circumstance it’s just plain embarrassing. It’s really the cherry on top of how awful this video is.

Patrice Wilson

Your Foot in the Door: Campus Ambassador Programs


   With the economy in the dumps, big companies, generally clothing brands or websites, are starting to look for new ways to advertise their products to a younger market. That’s where college students come in.

Campus ambassador programs are popping up all around the country, where students can apply to help promote a company to his or her campus. And, with the job market not doing so well, these ambassador programs are a great way to boost your resume and potentially open up job opportunities in the future within the company you’re helping to promote. U.S. News & World Report even states that, “a position as a Brand Ambassador is one of the top 10 Resume-Boosting College Jobs.”
These programs are generally volunteer positions with semester-long contracts and require a few hours a week time commitment. Depending on the company, they usually require an application or resume, and are open to undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students.

 College ambassador programs are especially popular at UVa, where companies such as Rent the Runway, Stylitics, Madewell, Country Club Prep, Southern Tide, and Emma Graham have started to utilize college students. Even Wikipedia has a campus ambassadors program! Working with these companies helps to provide first-hand experience and real-world practice in areas such as marketing, public relations, event planning, social media, and networking. I interviewed Julia Winn, a design consultant for the clothing brand Emma Graham, about her experience working with the label.

Guide to Sexiling


One of the lovely perks of coming to college is having a roommate, but sometimes sharing a room can get complicated, especially when boys are involved. We’ve all been there (some more than others), receiving the dreaded text message from your roommate after a long night out at 2am telling you not to come back to the room. You quickly text and call anyone that has slightest possibility of being awake, explaining your dire situation and asking if you can stay with them for the night. This inevitably leads to sleeping on a couch in the lounge, the floor of a friend’s room, or any other random location with a hard surface. Here are some tips for handing this unavoidable situation.

Create an out-time
No one wants to come back to the room at 12pm, only to find that their roommate’s guest is still present (and usually fast asleep). Instead, decide on a time for all sexiling situations that the guest has to be gone by. This ensures that the sexilee doesn’t have to impatiently wait for a text message the next morning from the sexiler saying that it’s okay to come back.

Plan ahead
Find a friend or two that you know you can always stay with when you’re being sexiled. That way you won’t have to frantically call your entire contact list trying to find somewhere to sleep at 2am in the morning. Having people you know to call late at night (without them getting annoyed with you) makes the situation a lot easier.

Give warning
If a significant other (or not) is visiting for the weekend, warn your roommate a few days beforehand that you will probably need the room. This will give time for the sexilee to plan other locations to sleep. Even if nothing happens, a last minute text message saying that you can sleep in the room tonight is much better than one saying you can’t.

Stylitics: The Modern Closet


If you’ve ever seen Clueless (of course you have, otherwise you should drop everything you’re doing and watch it right now), then you’ll remember the beginning scene where Cher is using a computer to look through her closet and pick out an outfit, ultimately deciding on yellow plaid skirt and blazer ensemble. Fast-forward a couple of decades and we now have the modern day version of it! Stylitics is a quickly growing database and networking website that allows you to document and organize your closet – all online! You can easily manage your personal style and get rewarded for it through style points.

Members receive a Stylistics Style Profile where they can display their style icons, items, trends, wish list, and more. Create a virtual wardrobe by clicking the ‘Add Items’ button and finding clothing and accessories that you own. If you can’t find it, you can manually enter the item’s information – brand, type, color, price, and more! Upload a picture of the object, click ‘Save Item’, and the item is automatically added to your virtual wardrobe. You can then pick items that you’re wearing today from your virtual wardrobe to display on your Today’s Outfit, and Stylitics keeps a calendar of your outfits daily. You get 25 points for adding an item to your closet, and 10 points for every item you check in. Conveniently, your Stylitics home page also comes with a weekly weather forecast for your location, your level and statistics, popular colors you wore this week, and your top brands for the week so that you’re always kept up to date.

How To Flirt Without Talking


Most­­ of flirting has nothing to do with the quality of conversation or how many times you pretend to think his jokes are funny.  In fact, most flirting depends on your body language and how well you can convey that you’re interested through your movements. Once you have your flirting body language mastered, you can do anything from flirting your way into getting guys to buy you drinks at the bar, to finally talking to that guy you’ve been interested in all semester. Here are a few tips to help you master flirting without talking.
Maintaining eye contact is an essential part of flirting, as demonstrated by Tyra Bank’s “smize” (smiling with your eyes). It’s simple, but highly effective, as the eyes are the most expressive part of your body. Rather than looking directly at the target at first, look at him from beneath your lashes to give the flirty effect. To avoid looking like a psychopath giving him a stare-down, look down at the ground, glance up, and make eye contact while keeping your head still. Adding a small smile or grin while doing this adds to the effect. According to The Definitive Guide of Body Language by Alan and Barbara Pease, you will need to lock eyes with the recipient about three times before he catches on.