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Sally Maxwell and Allie Colina

More by Sally Maxwell and Allie Colina

Christa Nannos '12

Christa Nannos is a senior from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, and she is a Campus Celebrity! If you don’t know that name, learn it! Because one day it will be in lights and in all the major headlines! She is a talented actress and opera singer who is anything but a diva. Christa is a down to earth woman who has dreams of perusing a career in Film/TV acting.
  Christa was always a little performer growing up, putting on shows for family, and making her friends sing backup. She always took part in the school plays, but it wasn't until she was 13 when she actually began her training.  “I began to sing some solos and duets in my church choir, such as Mozart's Domine Deus and Andrew Lloyd Weber's Pie Jesu, but it wasn't until my Junior year of high school when I landed my first leading role” Christa explained.  They also did the opera, The Marriage of Figaro, and Christa was cast as Susanna. Half the opera was in Italian and the other half in English, so Christa experienced a little difficulty learning that one. 
  From then on, Christa began to focus more on classical singing and looking more into opera as her voice matured. During her Junior year she landed leading roles in Shakespeare plays, and as a Senior in her school’s Main Stage production of Four Baboons Adoring the Sun which went on to win "Best Performance" in West Chester University's High School Theatre competition. 

Gabe Dixson: Diver of the Year!


Lately, on the Hill, the big buzz has been about the Swim and Dive National Championship. In honor of the whole team we would like to highlight one of their top champions, Gabe Dixson. This current Denison Junior claims that he never really wanted to dive. Gabe has been doing gymnastics since the age of five and began to practice gymnastics competitively at age six.  He continued with gymnastics until around the age of 14 when he decided he wanted to try something new.  Gabe's friend had suggested that he should try out diving and encouraged him to give it a shot.  

Gabe's diving career started during his freshman year of high school. Gabe says that participating in such a demanding sport that has such a tight schedule keeps him attentive and on track and has helped him with his time-management skills. At one point he tried to switch to swimming, but did not take to it well and decided that diving was really where he needed to be.