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Sally Maxwell

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The One, The Only, Megan Bertrand '12

Take a guess who this week’s Campus Celebrity is...   This week’s Campus Celebrity has had a busy four years. She was the former president of the Denison Club For Students, is in five honorary societies, was an August Orientation leader and her picture was in the last two internship catalogs. She was also published last August and will be in an upcoming movie scheduled to be released this summer.     If you guessed Megan Bertrand, you guessed right! Although Bertrand has a busy schedule she still manages to find time to volunteer in Shanghai, China with orphan children. After living in China as a child, and witnessing the One-Child Policy first hand, she always dreamed of going back and volunteering at an orphanage. After several months of fundraising and planning she flew halfway across the world where she spent two weeks at the Shanghai Children’s Home.   Next year, Megan will be working in Downtown Detroit. She has joined Teach For America’s efforts and will be teaching high school science. Megan states, “I have been blessed with the opportunity of getting an excellent education which has helped me realize the importance of having a vision, and standing up for what I believe in. This is my time to give back.”  

Sigma Chi Derby Days!


O.N.E- One day. One leadership conference. One community.


What: Leadership Conference

Where: Burton Morgan

Description: O.N.E is a one-day leadership conference that is centered on three themes: Organizing, Networking, and Empowering. It consists of a variety of workshops and educational sessions related to these themes, which are presented by staff, students, and faculty. O.N.E allows students to develop and improve their leadership understanding, and provide them with opportunities to advance skills to apply on campus and in future-life experiences. It is a great event for current and transitioning officers to attend to receive valuable information you can implement in your organization. This will also help organization members enhance their organizing, networking, and empowering skills. 

You must register on Orgsync by Friday, April 6 at 5pm:

This event is sponsored by CLIC and Leadership Fellows.  For more information please visit:

Africa Moves!


What: “Africa Moves!” a dance concert showcasing three virtuosic dance companies
Where: Denison University’s Ace Morgan Theatre (211 West College Street).
Description: “Africa Moves!” a dance concert showcasing three virtuosic dance companies, will take place at 8 p.m. on Thursday, March 22, and Friday, March 23, in Denison University’s Ace Morgan Theatre (211 West College Street). The concert is sponsored by the Department of Dance and the Martin Luther King Jr. Planning Committee.

  “Africa Moves!” presents a spectrum of dance rooted in African cultures, featuring three dance companies. Chuck Davis’s internationally acclaimed African American Dance Ensemble, known for its high energy and masterful drumming, will offer a traditional-based dance performance, rooting the event in the African past. The Berry & Nance Dance Project, featuring assistant professor of dance, Stafford C. Berry Jr. and C. Kemal Nance, associate professor of dance performance at Swarthmore College, will share their latest performance/research effort: a blend of traditional and contemporary dance. The Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, one of the most acclaimed black dance companies in the country, will complete the journey with Donald McKayle’s “Rainbow ’Round My Shoulder,” a modern dance classic.

Free and open to the public. Reservations required: 740-587-6799 or For more information visit

Michael Chung

Name: Michael Chung  Year: 2013 Major: Political Science  Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts Relationship status: Single  Which do you prefer, boxers or briefs?:  Briefs Favorite food: Chicken wings  If you could be an animal what would you be?: Bald eagle  What’s your favorite color?: Blue What are three things you couldn’t live without?: laptop, phone, and women What clubs are you involved in on campus?: Sigma Phi Epsilon, DCGA, Legal Aid, and WDUB The Doobie 91.1 Favorite sports teams?: New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox, New England Revolutions, Chelsea High Red Devils

“If a Tree Falls”

What: Denison University Seventh Human Rights Film Festival Film: “If a Tree Falls” Where: Slayter Hall Auditorium Link: Description: “How far would you go to create change? In December 2005 Daniel McGowan, a prominent New York City social justice organizer, was arrested by federal agents in a nationwide sweep of activists linked to crimes by the Earth Liberation Front (ELF)-a group the FBI has called America's "number one domestic terrorism threat." For years, the ELF had carried out arson from Oregon to Long Island against businesses they accused of destroying the environment. Filmmaker Marshall Curry (Street Fight) creates a timely chronicle of a young man facing a long prison sentence as a terrorist for crimes committed in defense of the environment. By providing a closer look at the group's disillusionment with the strategies of non-violent protest -in which they suffered police abuse and public indifference-the film poses difficult questions about the possibility of effecting change from within the system and examines the raised stakes post 9/11 where the “terrorist” tag is broadly applied.” Film followed by a discussion w/Assistant Professor, Olivia Aguilar, Environmental Studies. Free and open to the public.

Click here to learn more about the Human Rights Film Festival