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Rachel Shatkin

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The Low Down on the Locally Grown


Why exactly SHOULD you pay a buck fifty for a cucumber?

At this point in the season, you have had your share of skeptical walks by the Northeastern Farmers’ Market. Why pay $4 for a small container of blueberries when you could buy them commercially for $2? The price here is inflated, but is it worth it? Here are a few reasons why spending the extra buck can really benefit your health, the environment and perhaps most importantly, the local farmers who refuse to give into the conventional food industry’s tactics.

1. Reduce gas emissions: Slow global climate change
Purchasing local food means that less gas was guzzled up to get it to you. With the looming threat of global warming, buying local food is environmentally responsible and slows the negative effects of excess gas emissions. Shorter trip from farm to you equals a happier planet.

2. Keepin’ it fresh, keepin’ it real A shorter trip to the shelves means less need for genetic modification. Big conventional food companies genetically modify (GM) their food so it can stay pretty after a long bumpy ride from point A to point B (think about all those Florida oranges and California avocados! They don’t stay that pretty on their own). By purchasing locally grown produce from farmers’ markets and looking for the “locally grown” labels in the grocery stores, you are helping to eliminate the need for genetically modified fruits and vegetables. Plus, you know they are always fresh and at their prime (in season) when you buy local.

Rachel's Glassblowing Adventure


A state of creative rut recently sent me to extreme measures in search of an outlet.  I went glassblowing and it was AWESOME!  Sick and tired of staring at a computer screen for obscene hours a day (I'm a graphic design major), I took to the heat and ran for the least a bunch of ovens in a studio warehouse.  
With the help of the amazing artists of Diablo School of Glass, (located on Terrace ST. in Mission Hill) I was able to make my very own glass paper weight while learning the basics of glasswork.  I waited patiently for a Groupon to appear, and as soon asit came, I dashed to this warm, glowing sauna to expand my creative horizons. It was easy, fun, and something i can cross off my list of creative spontaneity :)

Heating and gathering glass


Shaping my paperweight :)

Fall Festivities in Beantown


How did you spend your summer vacation?

A) Soaking up sun at the cape
B) Jet setting to exotic locations
C) Poolside with your gals
D) In an office building and/or classes

If you are like me and countless other Northeastern collegiettes™, it’s highly likely you chose dreaded option D.