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Morgan Weemhoff

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Fitness Review: Barre Class


You might have heard of these so called “barre classes” and thought, “I don’t know how to do ballet” or “I’m not a good dancer,” but you’ll be surprised to know that these classes require no rhythm. In big cities like New York and Washington DC, there are workout studios solely dedicated to barre classes and training. People can’t stop talking about barre and its incredible results. This trendy new workout has quickly become a global phenomenon.

The class emphasizes stability and stacking your body weight — which is really code for total body toning. For example you might be doing squats with calf raises, but you are also holding in your core and making sure that your back remains upright. Talk about a full-body workout.

The ballet barre is really only there for stability purposes and as an accessory to the exercises. So no, the fact that you can’t plié, pas de bourrée or reach your foot above your head should not be an issue.

Barre classes incorporate a variety of bodyweight exercises that target your butt, thighs, abs and arms. The micro-movements make this class unique. Things like pulsing in a squat or rocking back and forth in a plank help to tighten trouble areas like you wouldn’t believe.

Over the summer I incorporated a barre class into my weekly workout routine and it became my toughest workout of the week! It was 45 minutes of highly targeted routines that challenged my balance and ultimately made me work harder in each exercise. After I got over my initial fear of the barre itself, I fell in love with the class and I saw results almost immediately.

Saying Goodbye To The "Mother Of All Shows"

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!!! Stop reading here if you have not yet seen the finale of How I Met Your Mother.   Okay, don't say I didn't warn you. The following is a brief summary of the sereis finale: Ted finally meets the mother; Robin and Barney divorce after three years of marriage; Barney continues with a Playbook II and after “banging one girl every night for a month” the 31st girl ends up pregnant; Barney gets in touch with his soft side with his daughter Ellie; Marshall finally becomes a judge “Supreme Fudge,” Lilly is prego with baby no. 3; Robin’s career takes off at the expense of her friends; and surprise the mother dies.   Hold on, let me repeat that...after nine seasons of us hunting and searching for Ted’s epic love, the mother dies!    So what exactly does this mean? Apparently, we are right back to where we started. Robin Scherbatsky. Personally, I found this to be rather poetic when Ted shows up at her apartment with the blue French horn. However, this surprise ending sent some fans into an uproar feeling cheated and mislead. This was not the true love conquers all story that many loyal fans had hoped for.   

Run For A Cause: Michael Hayes 5k Funds Scholarship For Chronically-Ill Students



Have you ever wanted to run a 5K but haven’t found the right time? Why not start this weekend while burning off all those extra calories you accumulated over Spring Break from all those delicious Pina Coladas consumed. And to make things even better, you'll be runing or walking for an incredible cause!

This Sunday, April 6th Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity will be hosting their annual Michael Hayes 5k Run/Walk. The cost to run the race is $15 if you register online and $17 if you pay on race day. All proceeds go towards the Michael Hayes Scholarship Fund which was established by Michael Hayes, a 2004 Miami graduate and a member of Delta Sigma Pi.

Hayes was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and small bowel cancer and before graduating he established the scholarship fund to provide funding for special services that are needed to support students with life-threatening or severe illnesses. These services include door-to-door transportation for class, transportation for doctor appointments, tutoring, etc.

Unfortunately, Michael Hayes passed away from complications of Crohn’s Disease six months after graduating from Miami. Afterwards, Delta Sigma Pi started the 5k in order to continue funding the scholarship that Michael started.

Now in its 9th year, the Michael Hayes 5k will take place on April 6th at 11:00am and participants will follow a course that takes them through parts of Miami’s campus. The race kicks off at the sundial on central quad. To register or to learn more about the race and the Michael Hayes Scholarship Fund vist Delta Sigma Pi's website. Feel free to show up on the day of the event, and bring your friends!

Spring Break Cutie: Stephen Crea '14

Calling all you single ladies: Stephen Crea is single and ready to mingle! This cutie shares with Her Campus his ideal date, biggest pet peeve when dating, and his hidden talent.     Name: Stephen Crea Year: Senior Major: Finance with a minor in Chinese Hometown: Columbus, Ohio Relationship Status: Single   HC: What are you involved in on campus? SC: Athletes In Action, Intramural Sports, and Cru   HC: Favorite place to eat Uptown:  SC: BDubs. I love Thursday wing nights.   HC: Best place in Oxford for a date:  SC: The Bluffs   HC: Who is your celebrity crush and why? SC: Jennifer Anniston, because she is so down to earth!    HC: Pete peeve when dating SC: I don’t like negativity; I am an optimist!   HC: What is your hidden talent? SC: I am actually really good at Ping-Pong. Like really good…   HC: What do you look for in a girl? SC: A girl who isn’t afraid to be herself, be goofy, and to try new things.   HC: What are your plans for after graduation? SC: I am moving to Fort Worth, Texas to work for Textron after graduation.  

Brazilian Musician and Miami Professor: Thomas Garcia

When Dr. Thomas Garcia isn’t showcasing his musical talents in performances throughout the United States and Brazil, you might see him teaching Miami students in the ethnomusicology department.    This multi-talented Miami professor has made his mark as an author, guitarist, and conference speaker. Taking home major awards, receiving a degree from The Julliard School, and becoming a published researcher are just a few of his accomplishments to date. Garcia specializes in Brazilian music and his recent book published in 2005, "Choro: A Social History of a Brazilian Popular Music", has received glowing reviews.      HC: You have taught at schools around the county, including University of West Georgia and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst; what brought you to Miami University?  TG: I saw the job opening for an ethnomusicology position at a great university with a graduate program and it was a perfect fit for me. Also, Miami is a very well balanced school with emphasis on your major, thematic sequence, and Miami plan courses.     HC: As an author, musician, conference speaker, and professor how do you manage your time? TG: I don’t sleep a lot. There are times where I spend more time researching than teaching, and the university allows me to be flexible in where I invest my time.   HC: What do you recommend to students for balancing their time?

How To: Navigate Sorority Life Post-Bid Day

Okay so it’s over. All the awkward conversations starting with “what’s your major” or “what dorm do you live in” are finally done! The recruitment process can be very strenuous, but now-- congrats  you got your bid and whether it was from your #1 pick or not , your four years of college are about to look a whole lot different.    Now, you may be asking yourself, how in the world am I supposed to manage classes, 100+ new sorority sisters, and a social schedule fitting for the royal family?   Here are some of HC's helpful tidbits to keep you afloat this semester: Utilize your resources: Besides a bumpin’ social calendar, joining a sorority provides a lot of access to networking tools. Look for familiar faces in your classes to study with, ask older members about their upcoming internships, and consider joining some of the other extracurricular activities your sorority sisters are involved in. Don’t be afraid to say NO: This is one of the biggest mistakes new members make. NO you do not need to be at every single social, sisterhood, date party, etc. It’s okay to have a movie night every once in a while. Don’t be afraid to say YES: Just as important as it is to say no, it is equally as important to say, “yes” this semester. Say yes to dancing like a fool on stage in POTH with your pledge class, say yes to ice cream with a sister you haven’t gotten to know yet, and say yes to crafting in the suite.

Miami Date Auction; Hosted By PSE


What better way to kick off the holiday season than with a festive Date Auction hosted by the PSE business fraternity? You don’t want to miss seeing all of your favorite campus celebs being bid on for a hot date this Tuesday, December 3 from 9:00-11:30 p.m! The best part of the event is that all of the proceeds go directly to the Karen Wellington Memorial Foundation.

Before the big event, don’t forget to attend the pre-game/dinner at La Pinata from 6:00-9:30 p.m. where you can sip on extended drink specials while contributing to the Karen Wellington Memorial Foundation.

This Karen Wellington Foundation for LIVING with Breast Cancer is dedicated to gifts of fun and relaxation for women living with Breast Cancer. This is a great opportunity to give the gift of a smile this holiday season and celebrate Karen's life, while also enjoying some R&R at the auction before hunkering down at King pulling those inevitable pre-finals all-nighters.

Check out the Facebook event for more event details and information on how to sign yourself or a friend up to be auctioned at the event. For further updates, follow Date Auction 2013 MU on Twitter for a preview of some of the eligible date contenders this year.


The Ugly Truth: Miami Edition


We’ve all wondered, “what are they really thinking?” Now, four of Oxford’s most eligible bachelors answer all of our most dire questions.

Crop tops and high-waisted shorts:

The boys said: "Never together! Those shorts only work for about 3% of girls, but most of the time they just make you look like a mom. I’ve seen more butt cheeks since this whole ‘high-waisted shorts’ thing started and honestly most of the time it just looks like a mom butt, which is not attractive."

Synopsis: Overrated. Maybe we should rethink this “hot” trend.

Leggings as pants:

The boys said: "YOGA U! We love the fall at Miami, not because of the leaves, but because it's finally yoga season. Yoga pants are the best- they just lift and sculpt everything, but only about 1/3 of girls can actually wear these well. A higher percentage than high-waisted shorts, but still not the majority of the population should opt to wear these as pants on a daily basis."

Synopsis: If you got it, flaunt it!

Girls in the weight room:

The boys said: "Who needs pre-workout when you have girls to motivate you? I can easily curl 10 pounds more when I see Lululemon. But don’t be too skimpy, guys are all about the chase so keep us curious. Also, don’t be afraid to rock the scrubs."

“The other day I was at the gym and saw a girl who was really trying to sweat it out- I thought it was kind of hot cause I appreciated that she was working hard. We understand that you’re at the gym to workout, not to be facey and look good. If I see a girl who can rock the grunge I know she’s marriage material.”

Synopsis: Don’t be afraid to work hard at the gym, even if you are sweating profusely.

Battle of the Bands


Do you love great music and dancing with friends? If the answer is YES, then you will surely have a blast at Battle of the Bands! BOTB is a semi-annual event hosted by Delta Sigma Pi that features some of Oxford’s most talented bands such as The Revisionists and Red Samantha. It's an epic three-night showdown of the greatest bands all pursuing the grand prize and title. Six bands begin, three bands advance to the finals, and only one will be crowned champion.

For those who attend there will be a raffle and chance to win tickets to Barstool Blackout, Joe Nichols, and Kip Moore! Drink specials include 3 dollar wells and 50 cent drafts. Don’t miss out on this event, and the other competitions to come on November 14th and 21st!

Five Costumes To Avoid This Halloween


Less than 24 hours until Halloween, many of you probably already have your Halloween costume picked out, and a lot of you have probably already worn your costume this year! However, for those of you who are still scrambling for a last minute costume, here are a few costumes HC Miami does NOT approve, so make sure to avoid them:

Minions: Now I know you all cannot get enough of these little yellow guys who speak utter gibberish (neither can I by the way) but stand forewarned…this costume is flying off the shelves in almost every costume store around the States.

Great Gatsby: Daisy Buchanan is this years’ perfect example for the timely Flapper Girl costume. Pair a fringy dress with pearls, a headband, and gold jewelry and you’ve got yourself a great outfit. But watch out for all the other Daisy look a-likes out there this year!


Miley Cyrus: You can guarantee you haven’t seen the worst of Miley yet. Just wait for these costumes! Miley before and after…and “twerk it” foam fingers….and even this nude ensemble paired with Robin Thicke as her arm candy. Even if you're a Miley fan, you have to agree this isn't her most flattering look, and may actually be the scariest costume out there this year!