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Mel Petersen

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The 5 Friends You Meet in College


Senior year of high school, you couldn’t wait to go to college to make cool, sophisticated college friends, and leave all of the drama and cliques behind. Then, it was freshman year of college, your roommate turned out to be a psycho, and the only person who made an effort to get to know you was the RA. Suddenly, you find yourself sitting alone in Math 101, and everyone else seems as if they know each other. Wait, how did this happen? I forgot how to make friends.

The difference between high school friends and college friends is a great one. In high school, you don’t really have a say when it comes to the friend-pool selection because the people in your classes are the people you’ve known since elementary school. So, you pick the best of a bad bunch, maybe join a couple sports, and call it good. After countless fights and years of sticking by each other through the strange, melodramatic sitcom we call "high school," you start to ask yourself, “If we met today, would we be friends now?”

Eventually, you start to get deeper into classes for your major, you join clubs, intramural sports, or Greek life, and you start to make friends. This time, your friends are based on similar interests and outlooks you have on life. You even find yourself saying, “I feel like I’ve known you for longer than I have,” or “I’ve become closer with you than I have with anyone that I’ve known for years.” Why is this? We would like to believe it’s because your new friendships have real substance and a deeper connection rather than, “We’re both dating someone on the varsity football team.”

How to Lose a Guy Before Spring Break


We’ve all seen the movie, “How to Lose a Guys in 10 Days,” and if you haven’t, it’s pretty much self-explanatory. Although this movie presents a “what not to do” perspective, it has a few decent pointers on trying to break it off with a certain someone, without hurting any feelings. Let’s be real though, no break-up situation goes with out feeling some type of way, but at least you could say you tried some preventative tactics.


In this case, we are talking about that college-style, senior year, “I’ll never be able to do this again” spring break. Wanting to be single during this time of year is not a bad thing, and it does not make you a bad person. What is so bad about wanting to spend time with your friends, doing exactly what you want to do, and not having a care in the world? Come on people, it’s only for a week, and we deserve to treat ourselves –and that’s exactly what we plan to do.


Campus Cutie: Terrance Elizondo


Name: Terrance Elizondo

Hometown: Goodrich, Michigan

Age: 22

Major: Family Studies

Minor: Child Development

Relationship Status: Unknown


What’s the cutest thing a girl could do for you?

If a girl will stay in and play video games, or watch scary movies with me on the weekend(s), you have my heart.


What is your definition of a one-night stand?

Sleeping with a girl with no intention of there being a relationship afterwards.


Tell us a story about your most embarrassing moment with a girl.

I was at a party and thought that I saw one of my good female friends, so I went up behind her and gave her a huge hug, picking her off the ground. Needless to say it was not my friend, and her drunken boyfriend was standing right next to her. Awkward.


What would it take for a girl to get a callback?

Just be herself and be fun to be around.


What are 3 big NO-NO’s that girls do that drive you crazy?

1. Girls who HATE everything, and only talk about the things they hate

2. Girls with trust issues that are always trying to look at my phone or read my messages

3. Girls who sit on their phones when you are trying to hang out with them or spend time with them


What type of girl interests you?

An independent, strong-willed girl who isn’t afraid to have her own opinion. Intelligence and confidence are two of the sexiest traits in a girl.


Campus Cutie: Zoogie Ogbebor


Name: Zoogie Ogbebor

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Age: 21

Major: General Management

Minor: Legal Studies

Relationship Status: Single like a Pringle and ready to mingle ;)

What’s the cutest thing a girl could do for you?

The cutest thing a girl could do for me consists of 3 things:

1)    Be true to herself

2)    Be sincere and honest

3)    Love me as much as I love her


What is your definition of a one-night stand?

Definition of a one-night stand is when you so happen to hook up with a lady, go all the way, skip first, second, and third, and straight to home. Then, you wake up in the morning with one helluva story to tell.


Tell us a story about your most embarrassing moment with a girl.

In sixth grade, I had a Valentine. I used my saved up allowance money, which came out to be about $25, got her a thing of Linden Chocolates, a teddy bear, one rose because I was smooth, and I wrote a card. The chick, A) Did not give me anything back and B) Did not eat my chocolate for about a week, and her friends ended up eating most of it. I was hurt.


What would it take for a girl to get a callback?

She would have to be sincere, honest, down to Earth, and have a sense of humor.


What are 3 big NO-NO’s that girls do that drive you crazy?

1)    Unnecessary drama, like for example, talking smack about other girls or other people for no apparent reason

2)    Drama starters

3)    Fake/Stuck up

Graduation: As Told By Parks and Recreation


The first couple years as an undergraduate, you hate cooking your own meals, doing your own laundry, and meeting new people. You can’t wait to graduate.

Then you discovered all of the new boys.

You go through the heartbreak.

Then you decide to hate boys, and you love yourself.

And all you really need is your friends anyway.

Then your junior year comes and you’re over all of it again.

You look at the freshmen and can’t believe you were even one of them.

You suddenly realize it’s senior year, and you need to soak it all in. This will be the best year ever.

Final exams come, and you don’t even care.

End of the Semester: Have You Talked to Him Yet?


At the beginning of every semester, for the first couple of weeks we make an effort to put on jeans and get ready for class. We pick the perfect spot in class, which we will sit at for the rest of the semester, and scroll through our Twitter feeds as the professor hands out a copy of the syllabus. As the word-for-word reading of the syllabus draws on, we scope out our prospective classmates.

We search for the people actively paying attention that could make possible partner candidates for projects. Then we eliminate the ones with head-on-desk, little puddle of drool accumulation, and decide that maybe they are not the best choice for future assignment endeavors. Finally, with out a doubt, we narrow down and look around the room for your “fall semester crush.” So, who’s going to be the lucky guy this year?

I don’t care if you’re single, taken, or on the verge of marriage, we all look for those people who are most attractive in class, whether its on appearance or the intelligent way they speak their mind in front of the class. You don’t necessarily have to be in love with the person, but you wouldn’t mind being on a first-name basis.

Devastation in the Philippines: What You Need to Know


There has been emergency relief donation prompts on social media sites about helping out those affected by the typhoon in the Philippines. For example, you may have noticed at the top of your Facebook newsfeed, you can easily donate $10.00 to the American Red Cross to send relief to the Philippines. At first glance, this may have come across as just another pesky advertisement, but it is so much more than that. This was and still is a heartbreaking natural disaster, affecting the lives of people around the globe.


The fact that we are not able to see the devastation firsthand shadows us from understanding that although the typhoon is gone, there is still much to be done.

Days after the initial information about the disaster, we start to lose interest in the story. This is not because we don’t care, it’s because we are here and the Philippines is over there. We don’t have to live with the reality that is all too real for the people of the Philippines.

In this article, I’m going to briefly explain what happened, and what is still happening in the Philippines. Many people do not grasp the concept that absolutely everything is destroyed, and they must start from scratch. All basic foundations of society are ruined, and people continue to die. This type of disaster takes many years to recover from; it does not simply end once the typhoon passes.

Typhoon Haiyan was the strongest storm ever recorded to hit land with winds reaching 195 mph. So, what happened? And what is happening?

Campus Cutie: Steven Ritthaler



Name: Steven Ritthaler

Hometown: Trenton, Michigan

Age: 22

Major: Management

Minor: Professional Sales

Relationship Status: Taken

What’s the cutest thing a girl could do for you?

The cutest thing a girl could do for me is cook me a surprise dinner.

What is your definition of a one-night stand?

When you meet a person for the first time and engage in sexual relations.

Tell us a story about your most embarrassing moment with a girl.

Most embarrassing moment is dumping a drink all over the girl that I was crushing hard on.

What would it take for a girl to get a callback?

Would take a genuine, great personality, and optimistic girl to get a callback from me.

What are 3 big NO-NO’s that girls do that drive you crazy?

Leading you on, gossiping over social media sites and not keeping up with their personal hygiene.

What type of girl interests you?

A girl that workouts, knows a little bit about sports, is optimistic to experience new things, is physically gorgeous and can hold a conversation with my family & friends.

Would you rather have a homebody or a party girl?


At what age do you see yourself wanting to settle down? And why do you think that’s the perfect age to do so?

26 seeing somebody I care about and 28-30 getting married.

Are you a boob guy or a butt guy?

All You Need to Know About the PLL Epidemic


It’s Tuesday evening, and aside from your friend’s beckoning calls to go to Pint Night, you sign onto social media and see the letters “PLL” and “A” everywhere. You move past it, like many other things you do not understand, but then start to see pictures of hooded figures and girls in fabulously picked out fall fashions, and the words: “REVEAL” and “BETRAYAL.” By this point, you’re probably annoyed, but also a little frightened that something serious may be going on that you need to know about. What does “PLL” and “A” stand for?

The epidemic, which runs through the veins of girls ages 15 and up, is known as Pretty Little Liars. Oh, it’s just a television show? Yes, it is a television show that plays on Tuesday nights on ABC Family. This particular show is about a group of teenage girls who, upon the loss of a close friend, are caught in whirlwind of murders, stalking, and cyber bullying. The only question is, who is doing it? As the first season progresses the viewers come to learn that these teenage girls are not as innocent as they seem, and are hiding many secrets of their own. DUN, DUN, DUN.

So, why would 20-something’s want to religiously watch a show about teenage girls who get bullied? Here are the top 10 reasons why girls go crazy over Pretty Little Liars. It’s more than a TV show, it’s a relationship!

Pimples, Blackheads, Complexion, Oh My!


10 Easy Steps for a Clear Complexion on a Budget

It’s college. We’re 20-somethings and we’re in our prime! Wait, what about all of those pimples? I thought adults didn’t get acne?! Let’s just admit it right now; we’ve all been on that 24/7 McDonald’s dollar menu diet, occasionally mixing it up with Tacobell. We don’t have the time or the energy to fix healthy meals every night, and I’ve got 3 exams and 2 papers due this week! This is just a formula for bad skin.

Stress + greasy food = complexion disaster!

Let me guess, you’ve tried Proactiv and all of those knock-off brands that guarantee a clear complexion in just a few easy steps, but at what cost? Literally, the cost is expensive! College students don’t have the extra $70+ to spend on a treatment, which is only effective for so long.

I’m here to give you a cheaper, alternative option. However, this is not 100% guaranteed, everyone’s skin and body are different, but it wouldn’t hurt to try!