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Meaghan Durkin

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Team Swag's Season Ends



February 12, 2014: Team Swag’s final game of the season (for now) has been played.  The team lost 50-20 to the Ball Busters.  Team Swag was missing key members such as Sarah Courtney, Gibby Gibson, and Coach Font but had several surprise guests, including Katie Ackerman and Gina Sheehan. Though it was not the best game fundamentally, Team Swag had their usual plethora of fun, and made a lot of memories that will definitely make it into the scrapbook.  The game was especially exciting because of a cameo appearance of a fan favorite referee, Steve Falzone.  When asked for a quote at the end of the game Falzone replied, “A lot of body parts were flailing but I couldn’t pay attention to it because there were too many people laughing and smiling and having a good time playing.” 
I’m about 99 percent sure that Team Swag will not make the playoffs considering they went 0 and 4, but stay tuned for updates. As captain I would just like to say that there is no other team that I would rather make memories with than this #teamswag. #Scrapbooking

Editor's Note: I can confidently say that Team Swag will DEFINITELY not make the playoffs.....they literally won zero But keep an eye out for their scrapbook of memories coming to a Barnes and Nobles near you.

Team Swag pictured with one of their favorite referees, Steve Falzone! Note: Referee Steve's whistle may or may not have been broken during this final game.

Team Swag Still Winless After Slow Start to Season


Team Swag took on the Wolfpuppies II and lost 31-28.  Team Swag was down several key players including Allie Smith, Amanda Steverman, and Gibby Gibson.  Their lack of presence really hurt the team in the final minutes of the game. 
The games Honey Badger award went to Sarah Courtney, who was the teams sole point guard of the game, for using her impressive ball handling skills to get the ball down the court during a intimidating press used by the Wolfpuppies II. 
A new award was also introduced tonight: the Coach Award. This award is given to the player who was an outstanding coaching figure during the game and yelled the most basketball jargon throughout the night. The award went to Megan Ann Fontaine, who was a strong influence on the sidelines.
“I think our team was a little sleepy…and full.  It was vegetarian burrito night after all,” Fontaine said.
Team Swag’s next game is Wednesday at 7:30 against tied for first Ball Busters.  Come support the team and watch them continue to make memories week after week.  


The Journey of Swag: Team Swag Now 0-2


February 3, 2014: Team Swag lost their second straight game in a row. Though they had a major imporvement from last week, when they lost to the Cute Emergencies 17-22. The game was a hard fought battle that resulted in a couple of injuries.

"I think everyone played the best that they could, but in the end, some of the calls just didn't swing our way. That could have really helped us," Senior point guard Sarah Courtney said.

Newcomer to the team Megan Ann Fontaine had an exciting first game and won Team Swag's well known Honey Badger Award. Katie (Gibby) Gibson stepped up and took home the night's MVP award after playing her little heart out. Team Swag's next game is Monday, February 10th, so look out for next week's article as the team continues to make memories.

Katie Ackerman '14



Name: Katie Ackerman

Grade: 2014

Major: Psychology


How does it feel to be campus cutie?

I’ve been waiting for this moment all of my life, I am so glad it has finally come at the end of my college career.


What’s your favorite part about Christmas?

I kinda of like the smells (cinnamon, pine, gingerbread, and the smell of snow specifically), and also I’m a huge fan of the Claymation movies, specifically It’s a Year Without A Santa Claus.  And being with my family!


Any shout outs?


Who’s talk show would you rather be on, Ellen or Oprah?

Put me on Tyra! 

Ryan Sexton '17



Name: Ryan Sexton

Grade: Freshman Class of 2017

Major: Undeclared


So how does it feel to be Campus Cutie?

I am truly honored to be the Campus Cutie. I have no idea what it means but nonetheless I am still honored.


We’ve heard that someone has been leaving peanut butter outside your door, would you please elaborate?

Usually about once a week, somebody leaves peanut butter outside my door. Lately, they've had letters on the jars so it seems like it's some type of code.


Who do you think has the best beard on the Red Sox, and why?

Johnny Gomes has the best beard because it's so wacky looking and scruffy.


And last but certainly not least, if you were on the Queen Latifah Show, what would you chat about with the Queen?

I wouldn't know what to talk about with the Queen because I didn't know she had a talk show


Kimye is Engaged!





Last night one of Hollywood’s biggest couples finally got engaged! Yes Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are officially engaged!  

On October 21, 33rd birthday, West popped the question at AT&T Park in San Francisco, California.  West projected “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!” on the jumbotron for all to see.  After Kim said yes, their family and friends came out of the dugouts to congratulate the couple’s new engagement.   Baby North West was not in attendance for her parents big day, and E! News was the  first to break the news.


Now to the most important detail of the night: the ring.  West proposed with a 15 carat diamond ring by Lorrraine Schwartz. The first picture is from Kim’s personal hairstylist Clyde Haygood who posted via Instagram with the caption, “Guess what just happened!! #kimye” 

Kim posted her own Instagram picture the next morning with the caption “YES!!!” Giving us a better view at her new massive diamond. 


Now we can all look forward to another E! Wedding Special and what will most likely be the biggest wedding of the year!



Amanda Steverman '14



Name: Amanda Steverman

Major: Psychology & Criminology double major, Spanish minor

Graduation Year: 2014


So Midnight Madness is next week, what can we expect from Ruckus this year?

You can expect nothing less than amazing. Stonehill doesn’t know what’s coming.


What other events will you be performing at this year?

We will making an appearance at Dancing with the Stonehill Stars, being put on by the Dance Team. We will also be gracing the campus with our presence at a Coffee house later this month.


Who would you say you relate most to on New Girl?

Probably Winston. He seems to find the simplest thins to be the best. Not to mention his cat is adorable.. (I want it).


Favorite meal in the café:

I would have to say I have absolutely no idea.. but I love potatoes so theres that.


*Featured question of the month*

If you were on the Queen Latifah Show (because yes ladies and gentlemen, she DOES have a talk show now), what would you talk about with the Queen?

 I would ask her what HER plan for the zombie apocalypse would be, and then get some advice on how to prepare her favorite home cooked meals. 


Right now we’re at a DefKanye Five: Jimmy Kimmel vs Kanye West



This past week the newest hip-hop feud erupted between two unlikely candidates. In case you’ve been living under a rock, I am talking about Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West, in what is turning into the biggest hip-hop scandal of the new millennium.  Lets go over what happened:

First Kanye did a super long interview with Zane Lowe, where he acted very Kanye-like. He said things like: “Do you know how many times I sat with people and said I want to make a store. And they said, ‘How could you make a store? blah blah blah.’ It’s in my code. It’s in my code. Have y’all ever seen Wreck-It Ralph? You remember how that girl in there … she was the glitch? You tellin’ me they don’t look at me like I’m the motherf**ing glitch? You tellin’ me people don’t look at Kanye West like the glitch? Right now. And she was on the side of the video game, the whole time! It’s in my code. It’s in my code. [Zane Lowe: “I see what some people say in comments and whatever after these things get posted, and I go, all right, those are the people that think you’re the glitch.”] Yeah, they broke Vanellope’s car! Vanellope Von Schweetz, they broke her car!” 


Second Jimmy Kimmel saw the interview and made a spoof of it using children acting as Kanye and Zane Lowe.  And it was hysterical. 

Third, this is where the drama happens, Kanye freaks out on Twitter at Jimmy.  Below are two of the examples:

Devin Ingersoll '14



Stonehill’s women’s field hockey team is now 9-0 in the season. Their last win was against Bentley in a thrilling overtime game. We sat down with senior All-American tri-captain Devin Ingersoll to get the low down on this season!

 Name: Devin Ingersoll

Major: Environmental Science

Year: 2014

Position: Midfield


How does it feel to be undefeated thus far in the season?

It feels amazing, I feel like we’ve been working so hard to get to where we are, and it feels like all our hard work is finally paying off.

When is your next big game?

We have a game Friday against Assumption.  I feel like every game is a big game because everyone is trying to beat us, so I feel like we have to play with our best foot forward each game.


What is your favorite meal from the cafeteria?

Veggie burrito and fruit and yogurt bar.


*Featured question of the month*

If you were on the Queen Latifah Show (because yes ladies and gentlemen, she DOES have a talk show now), what would you talk about with the Queen?

I would talk about how she views her role as a powerful black woman role model. 


Any shout outs?

I shout out to my team for being awesome! 



Photo Sources:

HerCampus Survival Kit 2013!


This past week, HerCampus Stonehill got the most exciting package in the mail. The HerCampus 2013 Survival Kit! Within this magical package with the notorious HC logo was a myriad of amazing products for the entire HC Stonehill team! Aside from the amazing HC goodies like koozies, a drawstring bag, and a car decal (that now resides on the CC Meg Lewis' car), was products from brands liks Luna, Poppin, SK Energy, Chipotle and Neuro Sonic!


Although we have a specific review coming for both Chipotle and SK Energy, we are excited to chat about the other amazing brands represented in this package!!


Poppin (Instagram: @Poppin; Twitter: @poppin)

The HC Stonehill staff is definitely poppin' with some new Poppin gear! We love our new notebooks and of course the wonderful pink and green pens. They definitely took us back to the days of gel pens in middle school. At our meeting, we proudly filled out our books with HerCampus Stonehill for those on-the-go interviews with some Campus Cuties or Celebrities on the run!



Luna Bars (Instagram: @luna_bar; Twitter: @LUNAbar)

The only thing better than Luna bars are the mini, bite-size Luna bars we were given! They are perfect for on-the go mini-snacking and are compact enough to fit in a clutch if you have a long event or night out ahead of you! Collegiettes are always on the run, and always looking stylish, so these Luna bars will give us the energy to do so!