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Mara Flanagan

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Global Focus Community Picnic


After Opening Convocation, head to the quad for the Global Focus Community Picnic. Expect delicious food using recipes from the '14/'15 Global Focus country, South Africa!

Opening Convocation


Opening Convocation is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. Expect glorious singing from the Chatham Choir, rallying speeches from CSG leaders and epic suprises from the RAs and OLs!

If you can't wait for the fun ahead, check out last year's RA performance.

Never Miss an Episode of iQ: smartparent


Whether you’re a babysitter, a student teacher, a parent, an older sibling or a camp counselor, taking care of kids in a technology-saturated society is challenging. WQED created iQ: smartparent to help caregivers master digital culture and make the best decisions for the children in their lives.

Miss an episode? You can catch up on all of them by visiting the iQ: smartparent website!

Learning with Games

From Angry Birds to Xbox, the video game industry is constantly churning out content and consoles to capture kids’ attention. Learn the ins-and-outs of good gaming with the first iQ: smartparent episode, “Learning with Games.”

Host: Dr. Deborah Gilboa


Jesse Schell, Founder of Schell Games and former Creative Director of the Disney Imagineering Virtual Reality Studio

Nikki Navta, CEO of Zulama

Dr. Brian Primack, Associate Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, and Clinical and Translational Science at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Campbell, Drew, Justin and Connor, video game designers from the Seneca Valley School District

Girls Growing Up with Media

Girls are routinely criticized, sexualized and diminished in the media. Find out what to do about it on “Girls Growing Up with Media.”

Host: Dr. Deborah Gilboa

This Father's Day, Watch iDad on WQED!


Her Campus Chatham is proud to partner with WQED to promote iQ: smartparent.

Celebrate Father's Day by watching "iDad" on WQED! The newest episode of iQ: smartparent explores the awesome ways fathers use technology to connect to their kids. Hosted by Angela Santomero, the episode features GeekDad editor Ken Denmead along with YouTuber Bob McLaughlin and his two daughters, Jillian and Adelaide.

To learn more about iQ: smartparent, visit the show's website, follow @WQED_EDU on Twitter or like the WQED Edu Facebook page.

WQED Presents iQ: smartparent episode, "iDad"


Her Campus Chatham is proud to partner with WQED to promote iQ: smartparent.

Tune in to WQED for the newest episode of iQ: smartparent, "iDad", to discover the awesome ways fathers are using technology to connect to their kids. Hosted by Angela Santomero, the episode features GeekDad editor Ken Denmead along with YouTuber Bob McLaughlin and his two daughters, Jillian and Adelaide. On June 12, participate in a live Twitter chat during the premiere using #iqsmartparent.

Need a fun way to celebrate Father's Day? The show will air again on June 15 at 6pm.

To learn more about iQ: smartparent, visit the show's website, follow @WQED_EDU on Twitter or like the WQED Edu Facebook page.

Image: WQED Edu Facebook page

Cori Begg and Monica Cooney, Chatham University Alumni Relations

    Cori Begg (left) and Monica Cooney   Tucked away in Beatty House, Cori Begg and Monica Cooney are the big sisters to Chatham's entire alumnae network. As Director and Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, respectively, these leading ladies spend every day finding ways to bring the Chatham family closer.    The Spring 2014 semester wasn't an easy one: the Board of Trustees explored and, eventually, approved a decision to make Chatham entirely coed. As the Alumni Relations Student Assistant, I saw firsthand how Cori and Monica took on one of the most challenging periods in university history with grace, poise and a genuine commitment to strengthening Chatham's sisterhood. Read on to find out what they've learned from the past few months, why they love their jobs, and what advice they have for recent graduates.   HC Chatham: Thanks for agreeing to an interview! To begin, can you talk a bit about what you do at Chatham?    Cori: I’m Cori Begg, and I’m the Director of Alumni Relations at Chatham. A big part of my role is ensuring that people stay connected to Chatham upon graduation through special events, on-campus activities, and through using events and Chatham as a hook keeping people engaged throughout the entire country once they leave Chatham and Pittsburgh.  

Create Your Own #GiftsForGrads Collection on eBay!




Graduation is thrilling. It’s also stressful. While students are going through a major life transition, family and friends have tension of their own – organizing travel arrangements, helping to pack up residence hall rooms and planning graduation parties. eBay can make your loved ones’ lives easier (and give you another reason to smile).

This year’s Grad Gift Guide is packed with delightful ideas to get you geared up for your future, from fantastic fashion to awesome electronics. Now, you can show your besties exactly what you’re wishing for by creating a collection right on eBay. When you make an account and create a #GiftsForGrads collection, you can enter to win $500 to shop on eBay!

Need inspiration? We created two collections just for Chatham grads:

Our Cougar Pride collection features gorgeous jewelry, clothing and accessories in Chatham colors. Find fashion in Chatham University green, Chatham College for Women purple and Class of 2014 yellow!

Emily Cassel '13, Life Coach


Emily Cassel knows how to run a meeting. As the Executive Vice President of Chatham Student Government, she spent her 2012/2013 academic year hosting monthly Student Organization Forums (SOFs) in Woodland. Crammed into the Residence Life Lounge, representatives nibbled on seasonal snack spreads, sprawling out on comfy couches or crowding around tables. Focusing dozens of students at 9pm sounds like a challenge, but everyone knew to settle down for a discussion when Cassel took her seat in the center of the floor.  

She challenged everyone to brainstorm, to collaborate, and to speak candidly. When the conversation careened toward negativity, she answered concerns with solid solutions. And when students couldn’t see the connections between their ideas, she played matchmaker: disparate organizations formed powerful relationships for their events and initiatives to come. That talent for building bonds and strengthening students is one she still puts to use in her new project: life coaching.

HC Chatham: Why did you choose Chatham?

Emily Cassel: I chose to attend Chatham because I wanted to be a big fish in a small pond. I wanted all the opportunities to be available to me that would really shape me into the woman I wanted to be. I had done a short-term Rotary exchange in Australia in high school, and my host parents had a family tradition of sending their children to all-girls schools. They said wonderful things about the connections made there with other women and lifelong friendships. I really believed then, and believe even more now, that sisterhood is extremely important.

What did you study?

Her Campus Finals Survival Kit


Finals week gets messy. Somewhere between the third presentation and the fifth paper, anything sugar-spiked sounds like a good idea. This year, Her Campus came to the rescue: they sent every chapter a Finals Survival Kit packed with delicious, healthy treats! The semester may be over, but we'll be buying more Chipotle burritos, LUNA bars and popchips to keep us fueled through our summer jobs and internships.

For many Chatham students, the end of a long day of classes means a trip to Chipotle. We were thrilled to get a bundle of buy-one-get-one-free burrito cards perfect for an afternoon meal between exams or a relaxing, post-study group dinner. Though Chipotle may not be a quick shuttle ride away for you over the summer, it’s definitely worth finding the one closest to your office. You’ll find inexpensive meal choices packed with fresh ingredients and available in endless combos. Skip the office kitchen and go for tacos, salad or chips & guac instead!

As students at a women’s college, we flipped for the mini LUNA bars. LUNA formulates their bars specifically with ladies’ needs in mind, so they’ve got plenty of nutrients – from calcium to iron – that will boost health during even the most stressful week. Bonus? They’re delicious and come in a variety of sweet and salty flavors. So if you're gearing up to present a major project to your boss in June, July or August, fuel up with a LUNA bar!

Senior Toast


Gather with fellow graduating seniors on the Beatty House porch for champagne, light fare and commemorative gifts from the Office of Alumni Relations. This is a fantastic opportunity to snap photos with friends and get a beautiful introduction to the Alumni Association.

MyChatham registration deadline was May 9.