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Mara Flanagan

More by Mara Flanagan

Pass Your Finals: A Collection of Our Favorite Tips


Studying for finals? We've curated our top tips to help you prep!

No-Fail Finals: Chatham Students' Advice

Start here for basic advice on everything from study guides to effective highlighting.

Writing a Research Paper: Tips from HC Chatham Team Members

Whether you're touching up ten pages or starting your first sentence, we'll walk you through the process of writing a perfect paper.

Quick Tips: Learning a Language

Three HC Chatham team members share their tricks to help you master a new language.

3 Tools to Make Learning Languages Easier

Need a virtual study buddy? These sites will help you practice your conversation, reading and writing skills.

Brain Food for Finals

Amy Chau put together a list of healthy treats to keep you focused.

Sustainability Blog: Ten Tips for Sustainable Studying

Sustainability Blogger Catherine Giles shares her advice for environmentally-friendly study sessions.


Nominate a Springtime Campus Celebrity!


We love interviewing amazing students, alums, visiting performers/lecturers and faculty and staff members. If there's someone you'd love us to interview, nominate them! You can access the form by clicking here, or just write your recommendation in the comments on this article. Thanks!

Staycation: Phipps Spring Flower Show


Just in time for the Chatham Choir's Spring Concert, the Spring Flower Show at Phipps Conservatory is infused with music. See your favorite genres come to life as you stroll gardens full of instrumental inspiration. Created by Hays Landscape Architecture Studio, Ltd., these arrangements filled with thousands of flowers are on display through April 20.

Ticket Price: With the student discount, your price is $14. Bring your children or a younger sibling (ages 2-18) for $11. Regular admission is $15.

How to Get There: Phipps is located at One Schenley Park. If you're up for a springtime walk, take the shuttle to Pitt - Google Maps estimates a 14-minute walk from there.

Hours: Though the exhibit is open 9:30am to 5pm most days, you can have a Friday night full of floral fun until 10pm.

Image: Phipps Conservatory

Jordon Williams


Jordon Williams

Year: 2016

What is your major, and why did you choose it?

I literally JUST declared my major. I decided on Cultural Studies. I took a while to declare because I was so unsure about whether I wanted to double major or also minor in something else. I ultimately decided on Cultural Studies because I am really passionate about people. I think that it is so amazing how different and similar humans can be at the same time.

What’s your hometown, and what do you love about it?

I am originally from Cleveland, but I have lived in Pittsburgh since I was about 10. Is it fair to say they are both my hometown? I love Cleveland because much of my family is there, and some of my most amazing childhood memories are from when I lived in Cleveland. But I love Pittsburgh because I feel like it's a city that is really quirky.

If you could assign everyone at Chatham one book to read, what would it be and why?

One of my favorite books is The Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Ann Hoberman. It's been my favorite book since I was a kid. I think everyone should read it because sometimes we need a break from the toughness of life. This book will bring anyone back to childhood. It is so fun to read. The entire book rhymes, and the pictures are so detailed. I really loved to study the pictures and find new things each time I read it as a kid.

Why did you choose Chatham?

Chatham Choir Spring Concert


Enjoy an evening of beautiful music from the Chatham University Choir!

Ready for finals?


5 Tips for Incoming First Years: Registering for Classes


Welcome to college! Registering for classes soon? We have some advice.

Know what you have to take.

“When you are registering for your first semester of classes, it is important to think about your major, minor, and general education requirements,” says Shannon Ward. Read through the list of majors and minors on Chatham’s website and note any that interest you, even if they seem to be unlikely pairings. Head to the curriculum section for each and write down all of the prerequisities. Often, they’ll overlap between similar fields of study, so it’s good to get them knocked out early on.

Make a spreadsheet.

Keep track of all of your general education requirements in a spreadsheet. Add in any prerequisities for your intended course of study. As you continue on, you’ll be able to fill out the spreadsheet with the classes you need for your major and minor. It’s a great way to always know what you have to do to graduate on time.

 Read through the entire list of courses.

The list is long, but you never know what amazing opportunities you’ll miss if you don’t look closely! 

Listen to your advisor.

“If you’re in the science, DO WHAT YOUR ADVISOR TELLS YOU,” stresses Gretchen Geibel. “He/she will know best, and it will help you keep on track for graduation. There’s not a lot of wiggle room, especially in Biochemistry or Chemistry.”

Have fun!

Submit Photos to the Style Blog!


It's springtime, which means we're ready for new fashion photos! Kick off the season by sending us your favorite pics for the Style Blog. Snap a selfie, pose with a group or feature a friend. Looks can be casual or formal, and photos can be taken on anything from a professional camera to a cell phone. This is about celebrating originality - as long as a photo is appropriate (no nudity, no explicit language, etc.), we'll feature it!

Send all submissions to HC Chatham Style Blogger Beti Kercelli,


What do you love most about springtime at Chatham?


Follow-Up Friday: Five Questions for Courtney Druzak, Editor of The Minor Bird


Follow-Up Friday is a new HC Chatham feature! We're checking back in with Celebs we've featured in the past to see what they're up to now.

We interviewed Campus Celebrity Courtney Druzak for the first time in November 2013. Now, we're catching up with her as she prepares for the publication of the spring 2014 edition!

What do you love the most about editing The Minor Bird this year? 

 What I really love about being Editor is getting to work with so many talented writers and artists across Chatham's campus. I find it very rewarding to help them publish their work - work that definitely deserves to be seen! I also greatly enjoy the collaborative feel of our meetings, and how every member has something important to contribute.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your work as an editor?

Perhaps the biggest lesson I've learned is to always plan ahead. Not only do we publish two magazines a year, but we also have our Launch Party in the spring. This is a huge event that involves a ton of planning, and I've realized that in order for such event to go successfully, you've always got to be on top of things.

What can people expect in this new edition?

As always, people can expect some very exciting writing and artwork in the spring edition of The Minor Bird! We have some new artists and writers, as well as some returning artists and writers, so I hope everyone will take the time to check our newest edition out! 

How can students get involved with The Minor Bird next year?