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Mara Flanagan

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Campus Cutie Quotes: Why I Chose Chatham


Over the next 7 days during BOTC, we'll be posting quotes from past Campus Cuties sharing why they chose Chatham. Check back each day for more!


A Woman in the White House? PCWP "Madame Presidenta" Panel Recap


Since Hillary Clinton made a strong presidential run and Sarah Palin skyrocketed into the spotlight as a potential VP, we've wondered how close we might be to a female president. Madame Presidenta: Why Not U.S.? - Vamos Meninas explores the election of Brazil's Dilma Roussef and examines the global influence of her presidency. The Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics invited Her Campus Chatham to partner with them to present their screening of the documentary. If you’ve ever wonderful what it would mean for the U.S. to have a woman in the Oval Office (or how we’d even get there), the movie is a must-see. In the meantime, we’ve got a recap of the October 17 panel discussion following the screening.

The Moderator:

Dana Brown, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics at Chatham University

The Panelists:

Dr. George Reid Andrews, UCIS Research Professor and Distinguished Professor of History at the University of Pittsburgh

Dr. David Rossbach, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Chatham University

Dr. Jennie Sweet-Cushman, Assistant Director of the Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics and Assistant Professor of Political Science at Chatham University


“One of the Hardest Histories to Overcome”

Dr. Andrews kicked off the conversation with context, giving a brief summation of Brazilian cultural and political history. Though Brazil drew up a new constitution in 1988 as the country emerged from a military dictatorship, 70-80% of its population still struggles with poverty.

5 Ways to Get Involved with Her Campus Chatham This Year



Here are five ways to be a part of Chatham's online magazine!

1. Join the Team.

We're always looking for new writers, photographers, event planners and PR/marketing experts. To get involved, email Campus Correspondent Mara Flanagan at with your name, year, and area(s) of interest. We'll have you on board in no time!

2. Nominate a Campus Cutie.

Our Campus Cutie feature allows students to celebrate their talented, brilliant, wonderful friends on campus. Nominate someone anonymously by filling out this form.

3. Nominate a Campus Celebrity.

Each week we interview a student, faculty or staff member, alum or visiting performer for our Campus Celebrity feature. If there's someone you'd like us to interview, fill out this form to make your nomination.

4. Add Your Thoughts on Social Media.

We want to hear from you! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and connect with us on Pinterest and Instagram to keep up-to-date on our articles and events. When you see something that interests you - or you notice something you'd like to see more of - let us know in the comments: we read everything you say!

5. Submit an Article Idea.

Do you have an article idea for us? Email - we'd love to hear it!

Sarah Jugovic, Executive President of Chatham Student Government (CSG): Part 2


Last week, we published part 1 of our interview with Chatham Student Government (CSG) Executive President Sarah Jugovic. In part 2, she shares her thoughts on the coed announcement and her hopes for the year ahead.


HC Chatham: What is the most important thing that you learned from being a part of student government when that announcement was made last year?

Sarah Jugovic: It was difficult. It was important to distinguish myself – Sarah Jugovic, a Chatham University student – from Sarah Jugovic, Executive President of Student Government. So just learning how to deal in the public eye, not keeping to myself and not being impartial in the situation, but just taking a step back, getting all the facts, and analyzing the situation with feelings on polar ends of one another, and really making a decision for myself on where I stood.... Because it was so emotionally charged.... But just taking in everyone’s opinions and concerns from students, faculty, staff, administration, and alum, and kind of taking all those things together and having the confidence to say, This is where I stand.

What can people expect in the year ahead as the transition moves forward?

BOTC Window Painting


Battle of the Classes is back! Head to Anderson Dining Hall for an evening to paint a massive window with your classmates. 

A Sunny Afternoon on the Quad


We're digging the chill in the air during the first days of fall!

2014 Undergraduate Business Student Retreat


Don your business-casual best and enjoy a day packed with lectures, workshops and networking sessions designed to prepare you for "business in a global village." Brunch and dinner are included! The highlights:

Hear from Keynote Speaker Lyn Doverspike, Director of the US Commercial Trade Service Pittsburgh. Get leadership training from Dean Waite and Heather Black. Explore Issues in Global Business with Dr. Oates. Hear from student representatives of business and entrepreneurship activities. Network with alumnae, faculty, students and community members. Get career advice from Barbara Brown Virany, Senior Portfolio Manager & Sr. Investment Management Consultant for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. Learn good ettiquette with Alexis Smith-Macklin, Director of the Library and Archives at the Heinz History Center.

Register on myChatham no later than Wednesday, September 24 if you'd like a free starter set of business cards!

Sunset on the Quad


We love the fall, but we'll miss the summer sunsets.

Sarah Jugovic, Executive President of Chatham Student Government (CSG): Part 1


Sarah Jugovic and I sat in Café Rachel and went over her schedule. 7:15am meetings, 3am emails. When most college students are sleeping, she's working. But there's not a hint of weariness on her face. In fact, she's beaming. It's not just charisma - it's commitment. She's the Executive President of Chatham Student Government, and she's ready to lead.

Why did you choose Chatham?

So I wanted to stay somewhere close to home - born and raised Pittsburgh myself – and when I came to Chatham, people already knew who I was. I came here and I was already a name, never a number. And automatically, you just feel that community aspect here and you just feel like you belong. And everyone says you get that feeling, and I got that feeling. So that’s why I chose Chatham. And this may sound cliché, but I love the women’s leadership, environment and sustainability, and global understanding pillars of excellence. And that really got me, because I loved that those three things not only guided our learning but helped in the program aspects, the living aspect. And now, being here, I always say “That’s so Chatham-y.” And those three pillars just echo throughout the whole campus. They really got me off the get-go.

What’s your major?

I’m double-majoring in Communications and Media Arts with a concentration in Journalism, Graphic Design and PR.

Why did you choose those areas of study?

Class of 2014: Onastasia Youssef, Blog Section Editor and Entertainment Writer


We're celebrating members of our HC Chatham team who graduated in Spring 2014. Here's our tribute to Blog Section Editor and Entertainment Writer Onastasia Youssef!

Onastasia is everything you could want in an editor. Fair but discerning, serious but endlessly kind. She's also a stunningly genuine writer, striking a warm, friendly tone that often takes years to cultivate.

Onastasia joined the HC Chatham team prior to our launch and stuck with us until her graduation. A talented singer herself, Onastasia started off as Music Blogger: pulling together playlists, introducing Cougars to exceptional new artists and reminding them of the fantastic ones already on the scene. Her reviews were always written with tactful honesty, each assessment guided by a desire to remain balanced. 

Soon, Music Blogger didn't encompass her role. She took on the title of Entertainment Writer, adding movies, television and even YouTube to her topic list. Onastasia was always up for checking out a new show or giving her thoughts on the films in theaters. At the same time, she loved the nostalgic. Playlists of YouTube videos brought us back to our favorite TV teachers or Disney Halloween cartoons. 

For two years, Onastasia also served as the Blog Section Editor. Aside from writing her own content, she edited the content of others. Even when offering criticism, she showed sensitivity and real generosity: two characteristics that made her such a delight to have on the team.

To honor Onastasia, we've put together a collection of her work from 2011 to 2014.