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Lindsay Crosby

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Roll out


Many students move out and head home for the summer! Have a safe and fun break, HC readers!

Lindsay's Fashion Blog: Etsy Fashion Stores


In case you didn’t know what Etsy is, it’s a site for those who love to make arts and crafts and then sell them! This site really caters to everyone from rings to woodworking. Individuals create items handmade items and sell them; they virtually sell to every place and are within a reasonable price. I mainly go on Etsy for the Fashion because items are so unique there is a little of everything for someone! Check out these top 5 stores!

1. GiftJewelry
This store specializes in friendship bracelets which are handmade and super stylish. There are many styles in this bracelet which can cater to anyone’s taste. They range from the most ornate designs to the most simple therefore it can go with anything!

2. Badassbags4u
I’m a sucker for graphic t-shirts. I love the shirts that have a bold image on it which makes me feel awesome. The prints on these shirts are literally the coolest I have seen in awhile and I absolutely adore them. They don’t cost an arm and a leg either, checks it out!

The colored jeans trend


Jeans come in different sizes, textures, patterns, and most importantly colors. The trend of colored jeans has certainly been around for a while but surprisingly it is still going strong. Along with some of the spring trends, bright colors are certainly coming back in full force. So let’s spruce up that wardrobe of yours and do a little revamping by incorporating colored jeans!

I’ll admit when I saw the plethora of different colors in pants I was horrified. I couldn’t betray my black skinny jeans or dark washed jeans because they were my go to for everything! Plus the colors were quite intimidating as I didn’t know how to style them. But since this trend has been around for some time I’ve been able to gain a bit of knowledge as to how to style them; bold colors and all!

Abe Lopez


Meet Abe Lopez, a graduating senior with a major in Communication Studies emphasizing in Organizational and Leadership communication. Abe has that ability to put on smile on anyone’s face within seconds of meeting him. Being a leader seems to come natural to him as he is involved in activities such as Students Today Leaders Forever and ISU Leads Program to name a few. Read our interview with Abe to find out what his involvement on campus and what it truly means to him.

HC: What is your involvement on Campus?
Lopez: I am involved with Students Today Leaders Forever (STLF), Encounter Campus Ministry, was President of the University Program Board, member of the Vice President for Student Affairs Student Advisory Council, ISU Leads Program, Passages Orientation, Preview Summer Orientation, and others in the last 4 years.

HC: As a leader, what things do you want to see changed as far being on campus or in your future?
Lopez: I would love to see an increase in student involvement on campus because it allows so much personal and professional growth.

HC: To those who may not know, can you explain what STLF and the Pay it forward tour are?
Lopez: STLF is a nonprofit organization and the mission is to reveal leadership through service, relationships and action. STLF believes that everyone has leadership potential and it needs to be revealed to them. The Pay it Forward tour is a community service road trip where students are able to travel across the country and serve in different cities over a period of a week − 7 cities, 9 days, 1 mission to impact our nation. Students are able to serve different communities, as well as make deep connections with their peers, resulting in long lasting friendships.

Lindsay's Fashion Blog: Zoe Kravitz


Call it a girl crush but I absolutely adore Zoe Kratiz. She’s edgy, talented, and certainly creates her own image. Zoe is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bona but she’s definitely an independent woman. With her band Elevator Fight and starring in the latest movie X-Men: First Class, Zoe is clearly doing what she loves and certainly looks great doing. Her sense of fashion is to die for and I certainly cannot get enough of it. Her style is more laidback and a bit on the wild side. I can’t remember when I first saw Zoe but her style is what caught my eye indeed especially at Coachella. Accompanied by her boyfriend, Penn Badgely, she wore high wasted shorts with a fringe white midriff top, simple black shoes with red glasses. It’s an effortless outfit that can inspire you to create a look similar or try something new.

Cover the Night


Joseph Kony, the man who has abducted little boys for child soldiers and girls for sex slaves, is sought out to be made like a celebrity. His name was plastered all over campuses and towns across the nation on April 20th known as Cover the Night. Invisible Children has a message and they are making sure everyone else knows about it.

Lindsay's Fashion Blog: The Goodwill Project


Every so often I will come across a blog that is so innovative and inspiring I must tell someone about it! A friend of mine showed me this blog called She usually shows me blogs or links and with me being busy I glance at it but will look at it in my spare time. Not this blog, I looked at it and realized what it was and it was probably one of the coolest sites I have seen this year!

Essentially two young women have taken on the challenge of incorporating one article of clothing into their wardrobe from a Goodwill thrift store. This can be quite a challenge to those who don’t wear thrift store clothes but this is an excellent opportunity to do so and just jump in with these women. After going through their outfits I applaud them for this because I am such a strong advocate of thrift store shopping.  But more so, just to try new things as it forces you to think differently about how you put your clothes together. Plus it’s a bit cheaper if you are looking for other ways to save money. So if you’re already iffy or doubtful about trying thrift store clothes look to these women for inspiration. Just give it a try!

Space Jam Barcrawl


Welcome to the Space Jam! On May 4th there will be a Barcrawl for those who are of legal drinking age. Barcrawls are usually designated for close friends, or co-workers, but this year there is an open invitation to the entire campus! They go to different bars throughout the night to relax and unwind from the week’s events. Get excited, attendees can order Space Jam themed Jerseys or simply wear your own to keep in the spirit. For juniors who are looking to end the year in a bang or for seniors looking for their last event at Illinois State, this is the event for you! If you’d like to a jersey head hereand for more details visit the Facebook page. Stay safe and have fun!!

Lindsay's Fashion Blog: Spring dresses


Let’s spruce up your wardrobe a bit and incorporate some items you might not normally wear to class. Lately our weather has been indecisive and unable to make up its mind about whether to be consecutively hot or cold.  It makes a girl’s job ten times harder before getting ready for class. So let’s make life a little easier! I have a friend who is a big advocator of not wearing pants, odd right? No way she explained to me that pants are too constricting, which is a good point. At first I rejected this notion as skinny jeans are essential within my wardrobe. But every time I saw her she had the cutest dresses on and she looked so carefree and adorable. It got me to thinking maybe she was right about dresses. Weather permitting, casual dresses are going to be my go to outfit!
Belted Sheer Maxi Dress
Can you tell that sheer maxi dresses are quickly becoming my favorite item? Dress it up with some pumps or play it down with gladiator sandals. Either way this dress is cool enough to wear within the coming months. Get it here!

Colorblocked Swing Dress with Belt
Forever 21 has supplied you with the accessory all you have to do is buy it! Remember colorblock dresses are in, and regardless of a trend this dress is gorgeous and simple yet bold. A nude heel to keep it classy or red pumps to stand out will do the trick! Get it here!

Students get creative


It’s so interesting to walk around the quad and see chalk messages. Some of them want fellow students to go to an event or is raising awareness for a cause. But ever so often I will come across a drawing that captivates my attention. This drawing imitates that of a Cuban revolutionist named Che Guevara for the cause of the Rainforest Rescue Coalition. If you are interested in learning more head to their site!