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Lauren Oldbury

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Samantha Brick...Lessons to be learnt!


This week, Samantha Brick wrote an article for The Mail Online entitled: “There are downsides to looking this pretty: Why women hate me for being beautiful.”It had over 1.5 million hits and received nearly 5000 comments on the Daily Mail along with many more on Twitter! For starters, the headline was doing her no favours; let’s be honest no one was ever going to respond well to an article with such an egotistical beginning.

“WHERE ON EARTH IS SHE LOOKING?! I want her mirror!”

“This has to be a joke right?!! This is a belated April Fools' Day prank..... please say it is. This poor woman is deluded. She needs help.”

Those were some of the comments left online. However, I don’t believe that Samantha deserved even a fraction of the abuse that she has been subjected to, mostly by women.

SO, does she have a point...or not? It seems to me that most people’s reasoning for the abuse she has received is that she hasn’t received it because she is pretty, but because she thinks she is pretty! The general public has decided that Samantha (looks wise) isn’t all that, and that she doesn’t have good enough looks to warrant calling herself ‘beautiful.’ It has seemingly annoyed thousands of people that someone is so self obsessed that they would write an article on their looks, but is it really that? Samantha later goes on to make her point that because she’s a pretty woman she believes she has been held back by her female peers, bosses have refused to sign forms out of jealously, and women who she thought were her friends have mocked her and humiliated her when they felt she was a threat (who are we to really say whether this is true or not eh...). She has written about the bitchiness of women from her point of view, and while I have little experience of this myself (obviously I am not seen as a threat...) I have decided that we need to get to the bottom it.

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