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Lady Jane

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That Awkward Moment: Did I Orgasm? Lady Jane Tells All!


That awkward moment when your lying in bed next to your partner after “a little fun”, and the only thing you can think of is the frustrating question you cant seem to make sense of: “Did I ORGASM?” LADIES: First of all, know that you’re not alone! There are many other girls in this “situation” after making whoopee (YES we are calling it whoopee), and know that Lady Jane feels your pain, and is here to help by offering a few words of wisdom (aka: LETS TALK SEX).


-FIRST AND FORMOST… and definitely the MOST important:

If you don’t know if it was an orgasm, it PROBABLY was NOT an orgasm… and if your not “orgasming”, WE NEED TO CHANGE THAT. It may be helpful to offer you the definition of an orgasm to begin: Simply put girls, an orgasm is a pleasurable and satisfying physical response in a sexual situation. The key word is satisfying. Although every orgasm feels different to different people, one way to know if you really did orgasm is that YOU WILL feel satisfied. It’s like, seeing a rainbow after an intense rainstorm; if you feel “satisfied” after the storm and can see those "OOOooo" so beautiful colors, you’ve most likely found that pot of gold! For the slow ones… the metaphor: POT OF GOLD= ORGASM


-Not Finding That Pot Of Gold? SWITCH things up:

3 STUPID Things Stetson Boys Do.. They NEVER Learn: Opinions from the fabu Lady Jane


Sight Seeing at Stetson: The Good, The Bad… and the Just Plain UGLY

We go to a beautiful school. We have beautiful weather, beautiful brick buildings, a beautiful historic town and so many beautiful boys we just don’t know who to pick for this months campus cutie! Ok… maybe I lied on that last part just a little… ok maybe a lot! We all know how small Stetson is and how hard it is to find a good man in this town! And let me tell you ladies, I’ve seen some pretty unattractive traits in these boys lately. If you’re reading this boys, (and yes I say boys because if you have ever done any of the following presented below to a Stetson lady then shame on you) maybe you can learn a little lesson that may help you in your future dating endeavors. . . and ladies, just read and enjoy as you laugh at all of the stupid things boys CONTINUE to do.

-Numero Uno: The Tap Dance
The tap dance goes a little something like this: A boy who thinks he is being really sneaky by “tapping” a different lady every night. Now boys, “The Tap Dance” isn’t just for your typical idea of “tappin’ it”, it also goes for texting too. Whether your texting, kissing, snuggling or “tappin’” a different girl every night, your guilty of the TAP DANCE and may have some interesting consequences for your actions.

 Good News: I guess the only good thing that can come out of the Tap Dance is that you will have temporary satisfaction and a feeling of “Man Hood”.