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Kyiesha Shaw

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Hope for the Horn


Students at Franklin College become world humanitarians with their Hope for the Horn efforts.
After the disastrous devastation in West and Central Africa coming from failed harvest, regional instability, and soaring food prices families in the horn of Africa are fighting to survive. According to, a leading humanitarian organization that fights against global poverty, some 13 million people are at risk from a food crisis.
A group of students from an introduction to personal leadership class made it their mission to become global citizens and humanitarians and bring awareness to the Franklin College community in hopes to further help the horn of Africa.
Senior and group member Destiny Esper urged the group to make the horn of Africa their primary focus for their classroom change project. With a major in Journalism (Public Relations) and a related studies field of PanAfrican studies, Destiny says the idea is something she thought of and brought to the group because she considers herself a global citizen.
“It’s an area of the world that needs a lot of help,” Destiny said.
The group developed different programs to put on for Franklin College students to bring awareness to this cause. The group’s two most successful events were Deprive to Survive and Seek Refuge.
The success of Deprive to Survive came from over 80 students and faculty members pledging to give up a meal for the day or donating the monetary amount to equal a meal in the cafeteria. Seek Refuge was a program where mock refuge camps were set up around campus and participants were moved from one place to another, forced to remain silent to depict the real-life situation of people who live in the horn of Africa.

V-Day at Franklin College


The Student Association for the Support of Multiculturalism at Franklin College plans to bring awareness of the unequal treatment of women with their event The Vagina Monologues.
SASOM treasure Zalika Thompson put a call out for women, or those who identify as women, to come perform scripted monologues that may include powerful words and subject matters that address various issues like sex, relationships and violence against women.
“We hope with this program that the audience will learn something or feel something that will make them want to help stop violence against women,” Thompson said.
Throughout the scripted monologues written by V-Day founder, activist, and playwright, Eve Ensler, is the recurring theme of using the vagina as a tool of female empowerment and the ultimate embodiment of individuality.
These monologues are based on dozens of interviews Ensler did with women leading her to see that The Vagina Monologuescould be more than a moving work of art on violence.V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls.
Last year’s program participant Nia Wilson said that the event was enjoyable and they had a full house. “I think the show is about confidence. It was kind of like a proud moment to be a woman,” Wilson said.
Franklin College’s V-Day is scheduled to take place during V-Season at 8 p.m. on April 25in Custer Theatre.
“V-Day is about being proud to be a women and to be proud of their vaginas. We want women to always be strong and not let anyone abuse them,” Thompson said.
For more information about how you can organize a V-Day event at your campus visit

Couch Conquers D.C.


If going to Washington, D.C. to complete a high-paced and high-demand public relations internship seems like a fun yet intimidating atmosphere then you might have something in common with Franklin College junior Suzannah Couch.

Couch decided to come to Franklin College and major in Journalism (News Editorial track) after she attended an Indiana High School Press Association program hosted by Franklin. “I came for an IHSPA convention my junior year and I fell in love. I decided I would go here,” Couch said.

Being an advocate and firm believer of taking chances in life, Couch jumped at the opportunity for an internship in D.C. after being selected. Coming from a small town and not going far from home before her venture to college, Couch was a little hesitant about accepting the internship where she would be working in another state under Senator Richard Lugar. But excitement vanquished her anxiety once she arrived in Washington. “I made myself go out and meet new people. I started feeling like wow I can do something like this,” Couch said.

Being a political junkie helped Couch get into the swing of things and it wasn’t long before she was writing press releases and editing clips down in the cage with fellow interns. Even the occasional tripping over the Communications Director of CNN or funny memories of working in the phone banks are all things Couch says she will remember about her internship.

Couch doesn’t regret stepping out of her comfort zone and taking a chance with her internship. “I loved D.C. it’s such a diverse and cool city. I would go back in a heart beat!” Couch said.

Staying Balanced: Keri LeBeau


Franklin College junior Keri LeBeau would use one word to describe her life: busy.
LeBeau is an elementary education major, president of College Mentors for Kids and now president of Zeta Tau Alpha.

Though LeBeau already seemed to be in over drive, she said she jumped at the opportunity to become president.
Keri’s mother is a Franklin College alum and she said that weighed in on her decision to come to Franklin.
“My mom came here exactly 20 years before me and I came to campus and fell in love with it,” LeBeau said.
Twenty years earlier, LeBeau’s mother found herself in the exact same spot as LeBeau - a freshman at Franklin College looking for a way to get more involved and make the most of her college experience.

Logan Worley


Hometown: Indianapolis
Major: Biology
Future career: Pathology/Medical Sales
Dorm: Lambda Chi Alpha
Hobby: Working out/Watch movies/Go to concerts
Favorite Musical Artist: I don't have just one favorite artist. I enjoy a wide variety of music and musical artist.

Favorite Campus Activity: Grizzly Grand Prix 
Perfect Date: Rent out Cedar Point Amusement Park for a day and a unlimited supply of elephant ears  
Favorite Book: R.L Stin Goosebumps Series

Life Goal: To positively impact people in my community and the people around me

A Quote you live by: "Never be afraid to tell someone you love them" and "You only live once"
Other things you should know about Logan: I am a very family oriented person. I have a little brother (Conner) and a older sister (Cara).  I oddly enjoy hanging out with my parents. I enjoy the simple things in life like. I was deathly afraid of the "Thriller" music video as a child. I could eat sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am a dog person. Allergic to bees. I have never broken a bone in my body (knock on wood). Hook is my favorite childhood movie. I cook a mean scramble egg. My mom still does my laundry.

Andreas (Dre) Kapsalis


Hometown: Fishers, IN

Major: Criminal Justice
Future career: FBI Field Agent
Dorm: Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Hobby: Anything that involves playing soccer, watching hockey, or hanging out with my friends
Favorite Musical Artist: Eminem
Favorite Food: Pretty much anything Italian  
Favorite Campus Activity: Playing for the FC men's soccer team

Perfect Date: Since I don't live by the ocean, I'd say a quality dinner at Mi Pueblos restaurant followed by a quality movie at Canary Creek Movie theater.  
Favorite Book: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
Life Goal: To one day be successful in my future occupation and to have a healthy and happy family.

A Quote you live by: "Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man but soon or late the man who wins is the man who thinks he can" -Walter D. Wintle 
Other things you should know about Andreas: I taught my-self how to play the guitar

Taste of Kwanzaa


The "Taste of Kwanzaa" is an event  that gives students the opportunity to taste authentic African food eaten in celebration of this holiday and to learn why Kwanzaa is an important holiday to the African American community. 

Taste of Kwanzaa is hosted by the Black Student Union of Franklin College. For additional information contact Britney Morrisey,

Project S.E.L.F. Takes on Body Image


While body image issues play a major role in today’s society, junior Chelsea Carlisle decided to do something about it at Franklin College. By creating Project S.E.L.F., Founder and President Carlisle wanted to help women who struggle with self-esteem and body weight issues based off of what society dictates as beautiful.

In high school, Carlisle struggled with body issues, and she knew other women were facing them, too. She said she always wanted to start an organization in high school that would help these women cope with the issues they were dealing with, but found she didn’t have the time to fully commit to such a responsibility.

Once Carlisle came to college, she realized the issues she and others struggled with didn’t go away; if anything, they only grew deeper. Wanting to get involved, Carlisle started a four-month-long process to create her dream organization, Project S.E.L.F., established in March 2011. Project S.E.L.F. stands for Strong, Excellent, Loving and Fearless. “The purpose of Project S.E.L.F is to act as a support group that empowers women and helps them to realize that the differences and flaws (or imperfections) every women may feel she has, is what makes her an original,” Carlisle said.

Project S.E.L.F. holds bi-weekly meetings with activities that help reinforce that every woman is unique in herself. Group discussion on topics such as Media Literacy I and II: How the Media Effects our Self Esteem, and self created activities are all ways Carlisle helps women realize the beauty within themselves.