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Kristina Pellien

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WVU Students Plan Morgantown’s First Slutwalkia



For anyone unfamiliar with the event Slutwalk, the name itself is enough to stir controversy and raise a few questions. To give some background, the Slutwalk movement began in Toronto on April 3rd, 2011 after a representative of the Toronto Police gave insight into the Force’s view of sexual assault, stating: “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”

This statement carried enough weight to start a spark in the hearts of many because unfortunately, this officer's views are not out of the ordinary. Today’s culture teaches girls and women that in order to prevent sexual assault, they should behave a certain way, dress in a certain style, surround themselves with only the right people, and always be on guard. Instead, society should be teaching boys and men not to rape.

West Virginia University students will be hosting their own Slutwalk in honor of the tradition started in Toronto. The goal of this event is to raise awareness that people (especially women) of all cultures, races, sexual orientations, ages, and backgrounds are objectified and sexualized.

Males and females alike are encouraged to participate. Slutwalk West Virginia will begin at the Mountain Lair on the WVU downtown campus on Friday, April 12th at 9:30 p.m. Please come out and show your support!

Interested in becoming involved? For more information, visit the Slutwalk West Virginia’s Facebook page.

Professional in Plaid



For any Fashionisto or Fashionista, fall brings the opportunity for fun with your daily outfits by layering clothing. The changing weather offers guys the chance to mix up their daily outfit choices through layering their outerwear. Unlike other seasons, guys now have the options of wearing button down cardigans, pull over sweaters, sweater vests, knit zip ups and so much more.

Ideal for any student who desires a casual, comfortable, and professional look, our David Smith, pharmacy student, opts for a dark brown pullover sweater (gifted) accented with bits of plaid (Old Navy) peeking out from the top and bottom. With the ever changing weather, this method of layering is light weight and can be comfortably worn in the classroom or on a stroll around campus.

To finish off his ensemble, this  Fashionisto accessorizes with a black straight tie (Wal-Mart) to match his black straight legged jeans (JCPenney). In my opinion, one can never go wrong by wearing a tie casually. When guys wear ties without having to be told, it gives off the impression they are both successful, responsible, and obviously have style. This entire look was intricately put together– from the Malcom X inspired glasses (yes, they are real prescription glasses) to his versatile brown leather sneakers.  David describes his style as “casual geek”.

WVU Fashion Grad Creates Design Career


Amanda Gill, a WVU graduate makes a career in design.

What made you want to be a fashion designer?

I think my interest in design and retail had a lot to do with Barbie. I’d make her clothes and set up a retail store next door to her dream house. Years later, my mom taught me how to sew more advanced things and we made a dress for one of my high school dances. When I started college, I made a few tote bags for friends to carry their books to class in. Interest grew as other people began asking where they could get one. I had a little business going and thought to myself, “this is what I want to do one day.” I come from a long line of family owned businesses, so it always seemed natural for me to want to own a company. Now, I own Gill Collective LLC, which encompasses The Brass Giraffe, an online store focusing on vintage fashion; and Gilly Lynn, a handcrafted accessory line produced in my studio.


How did West Virginia University help cultivate your interest?

WVU has a beautiful and extensive historic costume collection. While I was at the University, I had the opportunity to work in preserving, cataloging, and photographing pieces from the collection, as well as creating campus-wide fashion exhibits. I learned an incredible amount about dating pieces and restoring items and that has helped immensely with the other half of my business, vintage.


Cute and Comfy Style

While shopping in Downtown Morgantown, I ran into WVU student Chelsea Allen who was clearly ready for fall fashion. Chelsea is a Senior in the  Elementary Education program.  She wears a burnt orange tunic (JCPenney), leggings (Wal-Mart), and knee high boots with lace details(JCPenney), and she accessorizes with a leather bow belt (Gabriel Brothers), gray cardigan (Aeropastale), and a mosaic bag (Vanity). Chelsea describes her style as “Cute and comfy ”.

WVU's Annual Art Walk


High Street was the place to be Friday, October 5th as it hosted its annual event Art Walk. Each year, local businesses of downtown Morgantown show their support for all sorts of artists ranging from painters, jewelry makers, and musicians by opening their doors and helping sell their work. This year, participating local businesses included: Dahlia’s, Tanners Alley, Coni & Franc, The Endless Closet, and several others.

Future Art Walk attendees can expect a busy downtown atmosphere and will hear a new song with every street corner turned. With its free admission, Art Walk is ideal for anyone of any age, making it an ideal family activity. Several downtown pedestrians were drawn to Art Walk with its lively music of varying genres and the display of works of art for sale.

Along my journey, I ran into Fashion Design senior Rachel White. Rachel was showcasing her collection of hats in High Street’s bridal shop, Coni & Franc. She explained to me that her love for hat design began after visiting New York City for her Historic Costume class.

As I left Art Walk, I felt inspired and more connected with the art scene of Morgantown. I am already looking forward to next year!