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Kristen Pye

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A Collegiette's 'New Year’s' Resolutions for Back to School


They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. In a mere three weeks, we simple humans can repeat a routine to the point of habituation—the most effortless form of behavior. But you can’t build a habit without first making a resolution. So here’s where it all starts: for the upcoming year of college, we’ve put together a list of nine back-to-school resolutions to get you started on your own list of to-dos. Seriously—follow our advice and your upcoming school year will be made in the shade. We can’t promise a date with Ryan Gosling by the end of September (especially now that he's going to be a dad), but we can promise you you’ll be handling a day planner like a champ.

Part 1: The Academic

1. Get to know your professors beyond introductions

Isn’t it remarkable that you spend upwards of five hours a week with each of your professors—more than some of your best friends—and yet all you know about them is their last name, preferred facial hair growth, and apparent preference for Diet Coke over the regular kind?

Building real relationships (please just not the romantic variant) with your professors starts with simply introducing yourself to them privately within the first couple days of class. From there, attend their office hours, ask questions in class, show up at their public lectures—display an interest in their work, and they’ll probably return the interest in your development as their student. Think of the research opportunities! Think about how much more inclined they’ll be to grant you that extension! Think, collegiettes, of how much more likely they’ll be to excuse that week-long absence when you were in Cabo in bed, sick with pneumonia.

2. Start keeping a day planner

9 Ways to Make Extra Money Before the End of the Summer


Handling money in the summer is like putting a load of socks through the laundry. Somewhere between the spin cycle and the dryer, you lose one, presumably behind the washing machine or through black magic, never to be seen or worn again. It isn’t a big deal for the most part because it’s just one sock and it was that holey one you didn’t wear often and who really cares about hosiery anyway? But then you lose another couple, and another couple, and suddenly one day your feet are freezing and you are left to do without, sulking and sockless.

This is exactly how it goes with your dollars over the summer. What’s a dozen George Washingtons on a bottle of red when it’s going toward a couple homemade pitchers of sangria, right? And with a glass of that punch, you can’t help but toast to one long, glam, illustrious summer of fun and frivolity, and spending whatever amount of money it may take to achieve both. Suddenly, however, you’ve lost track of what exactly happened to your most recent paycheck (and the one prior), and as your summer vacay hits the halfway point, you realize you need to make extra money stat, or the entirety of the next school year is going to be a big ole’ broke bust.

So avoid college bankruptcy and tap into HC’s financial advice for how you can make a little extra money before the summer’s over. Wouldn’t you like to have your sangria and drink it too?

1. Tutor online

A Collegiette's Summer Bucket List


This summer is going to be sweet. It’s going to be unforgettable. You don’t know how or when or with whom, but you’re going to do something magnificent. Before the last lingering dregs of August have dried up and you must return once again to that peculiar place hundreds of miles away where they lecture at you and grade you and make you do all these things you don’t want to do, you’re going to spend this summer doing only the things you truly desire to do.

Before your summer kicks the proverbial bucket, you’re going to check off those boxes on that list you’re making to confirm that yes, you finally did that thing in that place with those people that you’d been wanting to do forever, and boy, did you do it right. So whatever your summertime goals may be, here’s a little inspiration to get you going.

Learn how to play that sport you’ve always wanted to play. You’ve always wanted to know how to play tennis. Or perhaps for you, it’s golf. Maybe you’re just looking for an excuse to get the country club pro's arms around you, guiding your swing as he whispers sweet, sweet nothings into your ear like, “I don’t think you’re getting it,” and “your putt is crap.” Sigh. So, whatever the reason, go get 'em girl. Leave it all out there on the court—or whatever those sporty types say.

50 Reasons You Should Have a Summer Fling


1. Because someone needs to apply sunscreen to that impossible spot in the middle of your back, and sacrificing UV protection would be irresponsible.

2. Because you just drank a pitcher of citrus sangria at a junior high reunion barbecue and you really need a designated driver right now.

3. Because the idea of a solo picnic is sad enough to make you want to smother yourself in that red and white checkered blanket.

4. Because someone needs to appreciate all of that tanning you’ve been up to lately.

5. Because someone also needs to ridicule the tan lines you have acquired with all that tanning you’ve been up to lately—(seriously, why is there nowhere to lay around naked in the suburbs?).

6. Because when you’re feeling insignificant while watching the stars, you need someone else laying beside you who thinks you’re the most extraordinary thing in the entire universe... (Does this sound like the premise of every teen movie you’ve ever watched?)

7. Because hi-oh, you just won free tickets to Bonnaroo, and you will not be taking your little sister.

8. Because when you get to Bonnaroo, you’re going to need some good ol’ broad shoulders to sit and rave upon in the crowds at Skrillex.

9. Because an in-car GPS system would have cost twice the price of that ’89 stick-shift Cavalier you’re driving around this summer, and you need a real person road-trip navigator if you’re going to make it past the town limits.

10. Because boys are hot.

11. Because you’re hot, and the boys need to know.

12. Because you need someone to cry to about your stressful internship at the White House.

13. Because you need someone to cry to about your depress-o dishwashing gig at the International House of Pancakes.

What to Expect on the First Day of Your Summer Internship


You're about to start your summer internship, and you have no idea what on Gosling’s green earth to expect. You wake up an hour early. You triple spray the last hair in place in your classic-yet-not-conservative French chignon, with the subtle-yet-not-Snooki backcombing on the crown. You breakfast like a total champion on half a kale smoothie and a double egg-white omelette, punctuating bites with sun salutations on the back deck to invoke ultimate calm and centeredness on the big day. You press “play” on the pre-prepared iTunes playlist you DJ’d for this morning—all Madonna and throwback Destiny’s Child: girl power jams, you know the deal. And then at the instruction of Beyoncé to throw your hands up at her if you’re an independent woman, you raise both arms for good measure, grab your keys and bag, and run out the door to meet the proverbial first day head-on, hands up, and shoulders back.

But waitwaitwait, hold on a second: what are you doing, what is going on here, why did you sign up for this again, and what, what, what should you be expecting?!

Calm down, working girl. While you practice brewing a decent cup of coffee—(believe us, the cliché will prove true at least once this summer)—let Her Campus guide you through what to expect on the first day of your summer internship.

8:30 a.m.

What to bring

HC's Guide to Traveling Solo


Put up your hand if you love to travel. Now, raise your other hand if you’re an independent woman. Yes to both? How can it not be? You’re a fierce collegiette—fearlessness practically runs in your blood, and you are so not the kind of girl to let a little thing like lack of a travel partner hold you back from a wild, frivolous, and occasionally illicit adventure.

That being said, travel is so much more than simply going. To travel solo the right way, you need to know how to go, and how to go about going. The fun part of mapping your journey is determining the what, when, and where—but being fully versed on the how will prepare you for what to expect when the ‘who’ is you, and you alone!

So whether you’re still in the dreaming process, or you’ve already booked your single ticket, or you have been there, done that, bought the kitschy souvenir shop t-shirt long ago, Her Campus has got you covered on how to fly solo (literally).


Find the right (-for-you) hostel

10 Things We Miss About Childhood


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of OshKosh, it was the age of Dunkaroos: oh, childhood. If Dickens was alive today, he would rhapsodize about the days when choices were as uncomplicated as deciding between the sandpit or the ball pit, when cooking was simple as popping a pan in the Easy Bake Oven or tearing the plastic off a Lunchable, and when heartbreak was no greater than the devastation you felt when that weeknight episode of Full House was a repeat (Uncle Jesse, how foolish we were for crushing on Steve over you!).
Indeed, childhood was a time that brought new meaning to the notion of fun and folly, and whoa, don’t we miss it. We know “growing up” is all part of the circle of life (or so we learned at age three from The Lion King), but don’t you wish that it was still socially acceptable to dress up as a fairy princess and tote your teddy bear in public sometimes (whoops, some among us still do)?

While your street cred is higher than it was during the years you rode in a car seat in your mom’s minivan, there’s something to be said for the days of being a kid. Here are 10 things we miss most about childhood:
1.  Perfect Skin

10 Things To Do Right Now To Score Your Dream Summer Internship


The marketing world is a place driven by the bottom line. “It’s all a numbers game!” marketing types like to say, sweat beading on their brows, “Just hit up enough people, and eventually, you’ll make a sale!” I’m telling you now that this is not entirely true. And that’s a good thing!
Think of yourself as a commodity and the world of summer internships as the market within which you must be sold. In ways, it is a numbers game; the more places you apply, the greater your odds of securing a “buyer.” But the game isn’t just about volume, it’s about skill and it’s about strategy.
Collegiettes, shoot for Park Place and begin marketing yourself now to secure your dream summer internship. Don’t roll the dice and cross your fingers for lucky number seven. Follow this game plan and leave chance to Monopoly.

1. Meet with the internship coordinator at your school

Your school employs internship coordinators specifically to ensure you internships, so take advantage of them! If someone offers you Free Parking, you move your piece to Free Parking, right? An internship coordinator is around for the sole purpose of providing you access to valuable internship opportunities worth something far beyond the realm of board game riches.
Call the career services office at your school and set up an appointment with your internship coordinator. Remember, however, that these coordinators, while certainly vested in your internship interests, are also providing help to a lot of students. Come prepared for your meeting with a set of questions so you don’t flounder when the focus is on you.
2. Enlist some help from the fam

10 Ways to Spend Less Money This Semester


“A penny saved is a penny earned!” Does anyone really live by this creed? Maybe so, but what does it mean to save a penny? What will a penny get you these days, anyway? A twenty-fifth of a gum ball? A twelve-thousandth of your English 202 anthology of Gothic literature? Sooo not worth it when that amazing camel angora cashmere sweater you’ve had your eye on since before gum balls and English literature were even created finally comes on sale and the last one just so happens to be in your exact size!

Unfortunately, it’s the adoption of this very attitude throughout last semester that has rendered your bank account emptier than your 8 a.m. Monday morning class. You know you should save your college funds for, ya know, college, but it always seems to prove so much easier said than done.

What’s a collegiette to do?

1. Eat in! (Not out)

Eating out is the ultimate luxury. Someone else cooks for you. Someone else does the dishes. You are waited on hand and foot. You can almost forget that you are, in fact, being charged for it all… almost. At the end of your meal comes the inevitable whopper of a bill you racked up after a drink, appetizer, entrée, and dessert, and it’s rarely pretty. Even eating a simple $15 meal just once a week can add up to upwards of $250 by the end of term if you don’t break the habit.

How to Throw a Killer Party


Your partying days started young—really young. You were a tender tot of three the first time you threw your first big event. It was a tea party and the scones weren’t real, but oh, how real were the good times. A decade later, you were the life of all the mitzvahs, bar and bat. And you’ve been chasing the good times ever since.

But the scene has changed since then. Facebook events with punny caps-locked names addled by asterisks are a dime a dozen. You can do better than that. Your standards are nothing short of Gatsbian, and you won’t settle for throwing anything Fitzgerald himself wouldn’t have attended. So whether it’s a champagne flute affair or a red cup rager, start your planning here, get inspired, and put your party dress on, Daisy.

Pick a theme

A party without a theme is a person without a name: it’s anonymous. It has no identity. A party is defined straight away by the tone you set in declaring its theme. “Red Carpet Glam” proclaims something quite a bit different than “I Dream of Genie”--(unless you’re Elena Lenina)--and creating the perfect thematic atmosphere is paramount in setting your event apart from the nameless masses.

Feeling uninspired? Try one of these themes:

South Pacific Luau: You’re a real-life hula doll and this party is your dashboard. Create a Polynesian playground in suburbia (if only for a night).