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Kelsey Mulvey

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The 10 Most Epic College Halloween Celebrations


They say that acceptance is the first step to recovery, so we’re just going to say it: we are too old for trick-or-treating. Instead of running around our neighborhoods with bags full of Kit Kat bars and Twizzlers, we have upgraded to dressing up as provocative animals (à la Mean Girls) and partying on frat row. However, some campuses beat most colleges’ Halloween-themed frat parties with some seriously awesome traditions. Don’t believe us? Check out these 10 spooky celebrations, ranked in order of epicness.

10. Harvey Mudd College’s Halloweiner 

Imagine if your two favorite holidays—tailgating season (which basically is one holiday) and Halloween—joined forces to create an out-of-this-world celebration. At Harvey Mudd College, that fantasy is a reality. To start off their Halloween festivities with a bang, students barbeque hundreds (yes, hundreds) of pounds of meat for the entire student body. Halloweiner is basically a tailgate for this highly anticipated holiday.

9. SUNY Geneseo’s Halloweekend

Every collegiette knows that Halloween is no longer a one-night extravaganza, but at SUNY Geneseo, Halloweekend is more than a slew of frat parties. The festivities start with students rooting for their school’s hockey team… in costume. 

“Freshman year, my guy friends went as Braveheart in full kilts and school-colored face paint a la Mel Gibson,” says Megan Killea, a graduate of SUNY Geneseo. “My girlfriends and I went as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

The celebration continues with a street fair on Geneseo’s Main Street, which includes a Halloween parade as well as cider donuts—be still, our hearts. 

The 10 College Applicants You’ll Meet


Between your common application, your list of prospective colleges and the number of schools you get accepted to, no two college application processes are alike. Though there is no typical way to handle this phase—you may be having mental breakdowns during fifth period while your BFF is as cool as a cucumber—there are some types of college applicants you’re bound to encounter. Whether you go to a huge public school or a prestigious, private academy, these 10 people are bound to be in your senior class.

1. The Crier

We’re going to be blunt: applying to college is very stressful. Between freaking out over your GPA and tracking down your teachers’ letters of recommendation, it’s only natural to have a minor emotional breakdown at some point.

For some applicants, that’s a daily occurrence. Meet The Crier: she can be found wailing to her guidance counselor about her SAT scores, and she’ll always have puffy, red eyes. 

The first time she cries at school, it will be the gossip of the week. You and your classmates will want to know where it happened, why she started crying and who was there to console her. After a couple weeks, however, watching this pre-collegiette’s panic attacks will be as normal as homeroom or seeing that annoying couple’s PDA before third period. So over it.

Should You Live With a Host Family for Study Abroad?


Though a semester abroad is arguably the highlight of these four glorious years, a collegiette unfortunately must make several stressful yet important decisions before she steps on that plane. If scoring a visa and editing your wardrobe to fit inside one suitcase weren’t worrisome enough, you also have to choose your living situation. Some study abroad students have the opportunity to live with a host family. While crashing with a local sounds like a great experience, it has its own set of drawbacks. Before you make your decision, check out the pros and cons of living with a host family.

The Pros

Homemade foreign food

Picture this: coming back to your humble abode to fresh gnocchi or homemade croquetas. Be still, our hearts. When you live with a host family, you probably won’t have to resort to preparing your own dinner. Instead, a delicious meal is waiting for you. And since yummy food is our unofficial reason for studying abroad—next to traveling, cute international boys and hoping our lives resemble a Mary Kate and Ashley movie—having your own chef is a definite plus.

“You get to taste typical cuisine,” says Irene Berman-Vaporis, a recent grad of Boston University who studied abroad in Madrid. “You can find authentic cuisine in restaurants, but many restaurants, especially those around major tourist attractions, are very touristy and might not be a true picture of what the food is like.”

10 Ways to Bond With Your Roommate


Say what you will, but getting a new roommate is always nerve-wracking. As your move-in date gets closer and closer (and arrives), you start asking yourself a million questions: Will your roomie’s mess penetrate your personal space bubble? Are you going to be sexiled every weekend? Will your roommate be able to tolerate your less-than-normal sleeping habits? Most importantly, will the two of you become friends, or will the room be plagued with a perpetual awkward silence? Unless you’re a lone wolf, you’ll definitely prefer the former. Easier said than done, right? Not necessarily. With our fun ways to bond with your new roomie, the two of you may become as close as Monica and Rachel.

1. Volunteer together

After years of volunteering to beef up your college application, you made a riveting discovery: community service is fun. Honestly, is there anything better than helping out others? Not only will you get to bond with your roommate, but the two of you will also be giving back to your college community. Most universities have loads of community service opportunities, so check out your school’s calendar online! If your school doesn’t have a lot of options, be sure to look for activities in your college town. From cleaning up parks to helping at local homeless shelters, you and your roomie will have a slew of community service projects to choose from!

2. Start watching a new TV show together

Should I Drop A Class? How to Decide Whether to Stick It Out or Drop It


A new semester at school means a lot of things: new trends, new crushes, and new classes. Unless the scheduling gods love you—we’re jealous, if that’s the case—nobody’s course load is perfect. Usually, there’s that one class you just can’t stand. The monotone professor? The painfully dull readings? The grueling exams? We know; it’s all too familiar. With these unbearable courses, sometimes dropping a class is your only option. But where you should draw the line between a class you need to drop and a class worth charging through with a (forced) smile? Though everyone’s situation is different, HC’s advice will help you decide whether or not you should say au revoir to that class.

Situation #1: The textbooks were out of stock, so you’re already behind.

Your college’s bookstore can be both a blessing and a curse, but it’s definitely a curse when they suddenly run out of that mandatory textbook. How rude, right? Although you may feel as if you’re already behind, it’s no reason to drop a class. If you were to switch into a different class, wouldn’t you be a little behind too? Instead, ask a friend (or that Campus Cutie who sits next to you) if you could borrow their textbook. Worst case scenario, you stay in one night to catch up on all your work once you finally receive your textbook. Of course this isn’t ideal, but that ABC party seemed lame anyway.

Situation #2: The class is a higher-level course than you need and it’s way too hard.

A Pre-Collegiette's Guide to the First Week of College


It feels like just yesterday you were throwing your graduation cap in the air and vowing to have the best summer ever. But believe it or not, many of you are only a few weeks away from becoming an official collegiette. While you’re so excited for the best four years of your life to begin, you’re probably starting to freak out about that first week at school. Between making new friends and navigating your way through campus, it can be a little stressful. With our collegiette-approved tips, the first week of school will be a breeze!

Day One

The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here: move-in day. Whether you hopped on a plane or packed up the car with your parents, today marks the beginning of your collegiette experience. Alas, your day isn’t limited to unpacking a plethora of boxes and decorating your side of the room.

Meeting your roommate

Some of you may have had that awkward, “I’m living with you and I’ll bring the T.V.!” conversation with your roommate. Others may have met up with your roomie over the summer (brownie points for your outgoing initiative). Whether you know your roommate or not, the anticipation is over – you’re officially living with her. While you may be nervous to live with a stranger, take this first day to bond. Break the ice by complimenting some of her pictures or even a book that’s lying on her desk. Not only are you showing a genuine interest in her life, you may also learn that the two of you have something in common. After the two of you unpack, suggest hitting up the dining hall. The two of you can bond over the delicious pizza or questionable chicken.

The Intern Workout Plan: 5 Tasks That Double as Workouts


We’re going to let you in on a little secret: being an intern is hard work.  Between the long hours and the endless menial tasks that you needed to complete, like, an hour ago, you’re sometimes too busy to even hit the gym! But wait a second; doesn’t it feel like your day is jam-packed with several tiny exercises? You’re always squatting to pack that box, running to get your boss coffee, and carrying heavy garment bags throughout a bustling metropolis, just to name a few. Kanye may have his own workout plan, but at Her Campus, we’re all about “The Internship Workout Plan.” We haven’t backed this up with science just yet, but we’re pretty sure you may turn into a star intern with a fit bod to boot if you follow these steps correctly.

1. Lifting Boxes

Who needs dumbbells when you have a stack of papers or several shopping bags? Whether you’re carrying garment bags back to the fashion closet or handing over those boxes to the UPS deliveryman, your internship may require some heavy lifting. But it’s okay; you’ve always wanted arms that could compete with Michelle Obama’s muscles.  “I had to pack up heavy files into boxes and stack the boxes up,” recalls Jillian Sandler, a recent graduate of Northwestern who interned at a hospital one summer. “I think I gained some arm muscle after that!”

The Truth About Dating Older or Younger Guys


Everyone says it: “Girls mature faster than boys.” From the days of having cooties in kindergarten, we’ve been led to believe that boys our age are too childish for us. And while we love checking them out on the quad—whomever created “shirts versus skins” deserves a national holiday in his or her honor—we can’t help but think that college guys still have some growing up to do. With seniors, grad students, and working 20-somethings to swoon over, dating an older guy is an appealing option.

At the same time, some collegiettes love pursuing freshmen boys when they’re upperclass(wo)men: a younger guy’s carefree spirit is endearing, he probably doesn’t know your ex, and, let’s be honest, age is just a number when a gorgeous guy comes along. There’s nothing wrong with dating someone older or younger (as long as you’re both the age of consent), but this situation has its own set of consequences to consider. We talked to collegiettes across the nation and relationship experts to see how an age difference impacts different aspects of a relationship.

Dating A Younger Guy

The conversation

You may be smitten with that younger guy for a number of reasons—his chiseled abs and the fact he makes you feel like Mrs. Robinson, just to name a few. But according to some collegiettes, your conversations with a younger beau may feel a little off at times.

“While I like to have fun, I also like serious conversation every once in a while,” says Rachel*, a college graduate who dated a 19 year-old during her mid-twenties. “His maturity was next to none.”

How to Get Through a Fight With Your BFF


Even the classiest collegiettes find themselves in an argument or two. Whether it’s with your mom over your spending habits (she’s usually right about this one) or with your boyfriend over plans that he definitely forgot about (you specifically said Friday night, not Saturday), some situations just make your blood boil! However, the idea of fighting takes a dramatic turn when it’s between you and your best friend. It may sound childish, but you really don’t know how to spend a few days without telling your best friend everything. Without your partner in crime, who would you talk to about your mom’s financial lectures or your boyfriend’s forgetfulness?

Though you and your BFF are bound to have small disagreements—she might not love Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” as much as you do—a more serious argument equals panic mode. How do you effectively solve the issue without reenacting a scene from The Hills? And how do you truly move on without fostering a pinch of resentment towards your BFF? While every fight and dynamic duo differs, we’re here to offer advice for getting through a debacle with your bestie.

The First Signs of Anger 

9 People to Contact During the Job Hunt


As you get older, you start to realize that your dreams of living Carrie Bradshaw’s life straight out of college are a little… unrealistic. From post-collegiette horror stories to the all-too-real scenarios in Girls, you know that scoring a job is rough. However, there is one thing that can help you—connections. You may roll your eyes when someone lectures about the importance of networking, but that’s just because you know it’s true. But what’s a girl to do when she feels as if she has no connections in her desired industry? Cry? Absolutely not! Instead of having a quarter-life crisis, it’s time to get creative when reaching out to people.

While reaching out to people may seem intimidating, it’s crucial to utilize your networking skills. Though they can’t promise you your dream job, you’ll be surprised to see where your connections can take you!

1. Your Parents’ Friends

Though you may have despised those ever-so boring adult functions when you were in elementary school, that’s about to change. Not only is it your duty as a mature collegiette to partake in cultural and sophisticated chats with your elders, these events are also the perfect job hunting grounds. “My father got his start after graduation through the help of one of my grandfather’s friends who was the head minister of the governmental association that my dad stills work for,” says Kristen Pye from McGill University. “Not through string-pulling on behalf of my grandfather, but by his own success at impressing his eventual boss during a casual chat.”